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Before diving into the lists of websites for trading Bitcoins, you should know a bit about bitcoins and what makes them the best online trading currency.

Before diving into the lists of websites for trading Bitcoins, you should know a bit about bitcoins and what makes them the best online trading currency. So in this piece, you’ll get to know about bitcoins and websites for trading. In 2009, the first decentralized digital currency “Bitcoin” was invented by a group of programmers under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoins could be used in standard transactions against any products, services, and other currencies. The most common and widely accepted symbol you’ll see are BTC, XBT, and U+20BF. It offers you point to point transaction system of bitcoins & ensures the safety & secrecy of your transactions, though your transactions will be registered in Blockchain.

Eyeing factors before trading:

  • Trade volume website is offering you.
  • Security measures for your trading.
  • Charges on your transactions.


Have a look at some of the best reliable websites for bitcoin purchasing.


Since its early days, the company is devoted to aware people about cryptocurrency. If you’re willing to start bitcoin trading Coinsecure is the finest and reliable place in the trading market in the Asian belt. With the fastest real-time exchanging facilities, it offers you highly secure and robust technology. To understand bitcoin trading, this website has an efficient and easiest process to leg into the business. Keeping security at priorities they’re giving you two wallet systems- Hot wallet for immediate withdraws and Cold storage for bulk-volume trade. Meanwhile, transaction charges are variable for different amounts


What if you don’t want to pay extra charges for your transactions, in that case, this website is a boon for you. Flitpay gives a great deal in bitcoin trading, as the transactions on Flitpay are secure and gives you 10% cashback on the amount deposited initially by you to purchase bitcoins. It offers you 30 days selling and purchasing facility with lightning-fast transaction time. If you would wish to convert your online currency into your local currency it’ll take few seconds to convert your digital currency into standard currency. With having the maximum number of pleasant feedback, it stands steady in the business of bitcoins.


Unocoin, the reverent name which stands among the tallest bitcoin trading companies and has been at the forefront of the bitcoin business revolution in India and other countries. In a very short span of time Unocoin has achieved many milestones, such as in its initial 3 years of business it has drawn 30 top investors from 5 countries. It offers you various modes of payment including credit/debit card banking and other online transaction methods. Unocoin offers you OTC(over the counter) trade in bulk. Security facilities are impermeable and really one would have to think thousand times before invasion.


One of the emerging platforms for bitcoin trading in India and across the globe. With the rare combination of tightest security and lesser processing charge, it’s offering you point-to-point transactions and demands very less personal information but you need to link your identity card to avert frauds. Cashback offers you is another perk for you. Payment methods include all possible ways.

 5. CEX.IO

With a base in 99% of countries, Cex.IO is one of the overseas companies which is a remarkable platform for bitcoin business. Due to its wide base, it’s is considered as best bitcoin trading website by buyers and sellers. The security system is unbreakable which gives you peace of mind. The payment system provides credit/debit cards of all nationalized banks and even other cryptocurrencies. For high-volume transactions, it has a separate policy that is favorable for users.


If you want a completely different environment of bitcoins trading then Local Bitcoins is the right place for you, as it provides you the direct facility to meet the person with whom you’re trading. The interface of the website is user-friendly so that you can easily understand the rules and regulations. Because you’re dealing with a human, not with the online market, its exchange rates and payment methods depend upon the individual. Like others, it gives you every payment method. One thing you should do before trading on this site is checking the history of your buyers and suppliers.


Coinbase, if you’re looking for a professional option as an amateur or established bitcoin trader, undoubtedly this website is waiting for you. It’s offering you a simple buying and selling platform with adequate safety measures. It is based on the” Dollar-cost averaging” method and initially, it’ll allow you limited buying which will be raised according to your trading frequency. Like other options, it tenders all transaction methods. The processing fees will differ as it depends on your amount and country.


Another hailed website facilitates bitcoin trading with an average 30-day trade and offers you lower bitcoin purchasing prices. BITSTAMP is the first in the world which got registered by the government. Most of the websites accept currencies only in USD but BITSTAMP offers you many currencies options which makes your trading efficient and accessible. The transaction charge is calculated is based on different algorithms which are complex to understand but once you’ll understand it’ll be easier for you. It doesn’t refund your transaction, so before trading on this website think twice.


From its beginning, the company has focused on security measures and transaction fees which is fair in comparison to other counterparts. Some of the beneficial features include a wide range of currencies for exchange and great liquidity. You’ll have to pay a processing charge which is variable and depends upon the amount, though, it follows a very simple method to calculate.

10. BTCX

With the appreciable features of security and preferences on higher trade volume, BTCX is good enough for trading in bitcoins. It offers you a crypto-token against your money. If you’ll increase your volume on daily basis it would be easier for you to enter and exit trading. BTCX provides you a bulletproof security system, so that, you don’t need to worry about the wallet. You’ll be assured of the other features of this website.

Hope you liked the article of our reliable bitcoin trading platform compilation. Please note that we do not promote any of such platforms, the list is made solely on the popularity and the reviews available in the public domain.

Thank you for reading!

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