10 Best YouTube Alternatives Sites like YouTube in 2021


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The only best source to watch online videos is YouTube, Right? Hmm… Somewhat correct but not always. There are many sites like youtube which are also good at their online video streaming business. Today, we are going to list the Top 10 Best Youtube Alternatives.

Moreover, many videos are available only on these sites, not on YouTube. You should know these websites as an alternative method when YouTube is not getting you a better result or is crashing a lot.

Sites Like YouTube

Here’s a full list of Youtube substitute sites or the sites like Youtube where you can watch videos of all types.

  • DailyMotion
  • Vimeo
  • MetaCafe
  • Veoh
  • Vibe
  • Hulu
  • Zipcast
  • Twitch
  • Netflix
  • 9Gag

Let’s have a detailed look at these video sites.

Best Youtube Alternatives

Each site has its own unique features and advantages. Just check out these Top 10 Youtube Alternatives or you can say the best sites like youtube.

1. DailyMotion


After YouTube, DailyMotion is the largest online video site in the world. It has over 110 million new visitors per month. The best part about DailyMotion is that they offer various methods for your video to go viral out there and smash the internet. The look and design of DailyMotion are quite similar to old YouTube.

Check out the website – Dailymotion

2. Vimeo


The second in our list of Top Youtube Alternatives is Vimeo. One of the awesome features of Vimeo is there are no ads. You can also log in via Facebook. There is a limit for uploading videos on Vimeo, with a free account, you can upload 500MB of data per week. The user can upgrade the limit by purchasing plans not exceeding $199/week.

The official site of Vimeo – Vimeo

3. Metacafe


Metacafe is one of the oldest video sites on the whole internet and is life since 2003. Approximately, 50 million unique people visit Metacafe every month. All videos are well categorized in their respective section which makes it easy for the user to search for a particular type of video. Unfortunately, Metacafe is not open for uploading new videos.

Click to check their website – Metacafe

4. Veoh


Veoh is an online video streaming website with a lot of amazing features like personal messages, forums, adding friends, groups, etc.

You can share as many as videos you want in these groups and forums to reach out to more people. Sometimes, the browsing experience becomes poor due to a lag in the search option.

The official website of Veoh – Veoh

5. Vube


One of the newly introduced video sites, Vube is live since 2013. Within few months of its launch, it became the Top 100 Most Visited Websites of the World. After registering for your free account,  you can easily upload videos and the uploading process is very simple.

6. Hulu


Hulu focuses more on Television series and programs instead of only streaming movies. It is known for uploading the latest content much faster than other similar sites. The user can watch a limited number of movies, TV shows, etc but $8 a month is the only fee you have to pay to unlock everything.

The website of Hulu – Hulu

7. ZippCast


We can say that using ZippCast is like surfing the Web archive to see the old YouTube layout from 2007. There is no limit to uploading videos on ZippCast, even you can upload a whole HD movie here. The limitless features of ZippCast make it one of the Best Youtube Alternatives.

Website of ZippCast – ZippCast

8. Twitch


If you are a fan of watching YouTube Game videos like PewDewPie, then twitch is the right place for you. Twitch is the world’s leading video community and platform for gamers and their fans. At least, 50 million gamers gather every month on Twitch to watch, broadcast, and chat with each other.

Their Website – Twitch

9. Netflix


Probably the best and maybe the first choice Youtube alternative in 2018.

Netflix is known as the highest paid-for-websites like YouTube. You can watch the latest TV shows, movies, and other entertaining videos on it. With one Netflix account, you can watch videos on any device and that is the best part of it. Therefore, it deserves to be one of the Top 10 Youtube Alternatives.

Click on the link – Netflix

10. 9Gag


Well, you may be quite surprised by seeing 9Gag in the list of Youtube alternatives. But actually, 9Gag is so entertaining and content-full, that we have to mention it. The video section of the site is as funny as its memes, gifs, and other categories. One thing is sure, 9Gag will kill your boring mood in seconds.

The 9Gag website – 9Gag

These sites are one of the best Youtube Alternatives and you should give them a try. Comment below if you know more about these websites.


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