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Have you recently purchased a VR headset and are now looking for the Best VR Games for Android?? Well, we have got you covered as in this post, you will get the list of the top 10 Best VR Games for Android. You will also get Android VR Games APK and Download links in this post so that you don’t have to search more.

Gaming has always captured the attention of people, belonging to any age group and gamers have always been a wonder to be a real part of the game. Even though there are different kinds of games available, still VR games have a different place in the heart of game lovers. VR gaming is something where a person experiences being in the three-dimensional environment and interacts with the real environment of the game.

In virtual-reality games, you wear a set of gloves and a headset that has sensors, these sensors act according to your hand or head moves, like moving the steering in racing games. It’s like interacting with the objects of the virtual world. As the technology has been moving meteorically the game hardware has matured to give the VR headset for a great experience

If you’re new to the world of virtual-reality gaming then you should know a little bit about the accessories available in the market to play these games.

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Sony PlayStation VR
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard and Daydream

Beware of duplicity while purchasing any of the gaming accessories.


So, now you must be impatient to know the 10 best VR games for android. Here’s the list of games for game lovers in you.



Do you want to help an adorable robot to find its way home? If yes, then play this simply amazing game, you’ll get 50 levels and after that, there are thousands of more online levels made by other players. Here, you need to place building blocks, such as grass, stone, motors, and robots.

It’s an excellent game with amazing control and VR really adds to the experience, as the game board becomes almost palpable and fluid to play. If you’re a beginner and want to play VR games on Android, apparently, this is one of the best games for you.

Download from Playstore.



Now, with Hunter, You’ll get the responsibility to save the world from demons. You can unlock and upgrade your weapons and skills to invade demons’ world to avert the impending doom of the world.

Meanwhile, you select the Hunter(player) either as Forge Payne to blast the way of demons. Other than this, the game has superb controlling technology which helps you to hunt enemies with ease. You would surely love the graphics and gameplay, so trying this game is a great idea.

Download from Playstore.



If you love reckless driving in real life but afraid to do so, then check this game. This game is synonymous with real-world racing. The sensation of speed makes you feel like sitting in a Formula 1 car and driving at 370 km/h in any Grand Prix. Just imagine yourself between the chaos and control, and feel the thrill speed. Here, you can race into 60 events across 12 tracks, set in 4 realistic environments.

The game has unbelievable visual effects and booming SFX which lets you feel the air. Besides these features, you can pick any real-world cars ranging from Lamborghini to Porshe 991. Now, stop imaging and download this virtual reality game.

Download from Playstore.



One of the critically acclaimed games which lets you immerse yourself in the cinematic world of VR games. Here, you’ll have to fight to see another day, far from developed civilization.

You would feel the way a survivor feels after protecting Kubera and yourself from Bandits. With the stick motion controller, you can feel like an intense space shooter. As the level increases, you’ll have to make strategies to place your weapons to use against enemies.

Download from Playstore.



A graphically strong game with appreciable graphics and animation. Here, you would experience the battle without gravity, though most of the VR games take you to space this game offers you 360-degree rotation to trace your enemy and shot them. The controlling is good and you’ll get better command after playing a while.

Download from Playstore.



Another VR adventure game from the creators of Monument Valley. In this game, you’ll be tasked to awaken an ancient civilization with some fictional power of changing minds.

This game has an interactive storytelling approach with the help of your VR gears. Meanwhile, you would be glad about the graphics and sound designing of this game, eventually, the progression system of the game is pretty good and involves you obtusely.

Download from Playstore.



You can imagine the essence of Wands as it was recommended by the Huffington Post. You should try this game once, it’s packed with action.

In Wands, you’ll be assigned as a mysterious wielder somewhere in London with lots of battles, power, and glory. One thing which makes this game different from others is the online multiplayer option. You can play this game with game controllers or gear VR touchpad.

Download from Playstore.



The story of this game revolves around an Island, where society has been categorized into three tiers. You’ll play a part of a girl named Willa, who wants her way to an affluent lifestyle. For those who have played XCOM, it’ll look familiar in design. Your action will occur in determining the area, so you don’t need to look around, in fact, you can even play while relaxing on the couch.

Controlling or mechanics of Augmented Empire is very easy and fluid to use including Bluetooth or touchpad. You can unlock your grenades, healing, taunting, and more.

Download from Playstore.



It’s a wonderful experience to handle a tiny lamper, a brave lightning bug in a dangerous world. In this game, you’ll fly from forest to cave to rescue your kidnapped friends from the sinister spiders. You can use fireballs to blast your enemies and experience fun.

Aside from this, the game has impressive high-quality graphics to power virtual reality. And one more thing, you don’t need to spend money on controllers, you can easily fly by tilting your head in the desired direction.

Download from Playstore.



Most VR games have space gameplay but this game has a different approach, through amazing graphics but only available for Cardboard VR glasses. You’ll act as a space war veteran, who is left with the last spaceship. The game gives features full graphics support to control your ship and look freely for hunting enemies. Surprisingly, you can turn off VR mode to play a simple classic game.

Download from Playstore.

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So here’s the list of all of the Best VR Games for Android that we mentioned above in the article.

  1. Mekorma VR
  2. Hunter
  3. Need For Speed: No Limits VR
  4. Gunjack
  5. Answers Wars 2
  6. Lands End
  7. Wands
  8. Augmented Empire
  9. Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue
  10. VR Space- The last Vision

Here, we are closing our list of the 10 best VR games for Android in 2018. Remember that not all of the above-mentioned games are free in the play store. To play these Android VR games, you’ll have to purchase these games and gears according to the games you’ll choose to play.

We always recommend purchasing any accessories or games from official or reputed websites. If you have any doubt or suggestion leave a comment below.



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