Top 10 Best Search Engines of All Time


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When you hear the term ‘search engine’, there is a 90% chance that the word Google comes to your mind. But that doesn’t mean it is the only search engine in the world. Day by day, we are becoming more dependent on search engines because they lead us to our perfect answer. Either you are searching for an image or a video, the search engine is a solution. These Top 10 Best search engines are full of useful features.

Best Search Engines

So, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Best Search Engines in the World.

1. Google


Google Search Engine doesn’t need any introduction as it is one of the best top 10 search engines which gives the most popular service in the world. It is specialized in finding the best answer in less time. According to the survey conducted by Alexa, is the site with the most visits. Google has a huge list of other services like Gmail, Drive, Music, Application Store, etc

2. Bing


Bing is a search engine website by Microsoft. Millions of people in the world use Bing as their primary search engine. The default search engine in Microsoft’s web browser is Bing. We can say that maybe it can give a little competition to Google in the future. Now you can win gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, etc by simply searching on Bing Browser.

3. Yahoo


In the current market, we cannot compare Bing with Google but that’s not the case with Yahoo. Nowadays, Yahoo and Bing are giving tough competition to each other. It is yet another top 10 best search engines in the world. But we should not deny that Yahoo is still a champion in Email Industry. There are a lot of other services by Yahoo like Yahoo Newsroom, Weather, Messenger, Finance, Sports, etc.

4. Baidu


Baidu, a Chinese web search engine founded in the year 2000 has made its name in the best search engines. It is mainly used to search for audio files, websites, and photos. Even in Alexa Survey, Baidu has a rank of 4. It also provides more services like Cloud Storage, News, Maps, etc. In China, it is one of the most popular top 10 best search engines in China. Robin Li, the co-founder of Baidu is ranked as one of the richest men in China with a net worth of US$9.6 billion as of the year 2015.

5. AOL, powered by Verizon Communication, is one of the top 10 best search engines in the world. It started in 1983 as Control Video Corporation. Then, it was again named America Online in 1991. Finally, it was renamed AOL Inc. Apart from a search engine site, AOL also offers email addresses.

6. is like a question answering service that is widely used by students nowadays. Actually, it was founded in 1995 as a question & answer community. Sometimes, you may find it more useful than any other search engine as they provide answers in more than 60 languages. If they don’t have a particular answer, they go to a third-party search engine.

7. DuckDuckGo


Now here comes DuckDuckGo, one of the popular search engines in terms of privacy. They have combined with other famous search engine companies like Yahoo, Bing, etc. Gabriel Weinberg founded it in 2008. Those people who want to be anonymous while searching will prefer to choose DuckDuckGo as they never collect or share our personal data.

8. WolframAlpha


Actually, WolframAlpha is a computational search engine. It is not like other ones, its results are based on facts and data about the searched content. Still, there are many users of WolframAlpha. You can even use it to understand medical prescriptions and for solving word puzzles.

9. Yandex


Yandex is one of the most used search engines in Russia and its neighboring countries. It has other services like Music, Maps, Online Translator, etc. You also get an online transaction app called Yandex Money. It also a cultural adaption that attracts more Russians.



Honestly, is not exactly a search engine but it’s a question and answer service. You can enter any question you want in the search box and can easily get the answer. It is available as mobile on both ios and android platforms.

Finally, you are now aware of the world’s best and the famous search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the top three out of the top 10 best search engines and are highly recommendable from us. Millions of people are using it daily, and the number is rising. Happy Searching!


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