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Hey everyone, If you’re looking for the best Linux distros for Laptops, then you’re at the right place. This article will help you to pick your first Linux distribution for both Development, general use, and gaming. So get ready, go through the article clearly and pick only the one that meets your requirement. We are listing the top Linux Distributions list for 2018. In the end, it’s all up to you on which distro you select.


First of all, I’ll clear you the concept of Linux distros if you do not have the right information. A Linux distribution (often called distro) is an operating system derived from a collection of software, which is based on the Linux kernel. Linux users get their operating system by installing one of the Linux distros from a wide variety of systems such as personal computers, powerful supercomputers, and secured devices like OpenWrt.

Linux DIstros 2

There are many other things that a Linux distribution comprises such as a Linux kernel, additional software, GNU tools, libraries, documentation, a window system, a window manager, and a desktop environment.

Due to the huge availability of software, the Linux distros have taken a wide variety of forms, in suitable criteria for use on laptops, desktops, servers, smartphones, netbooks, tablets. There are almost six hundred Linux distributions available. But, the top 10 distros for beginners and developers are listed in the article, so get through it.


Let me start the list now. Mind that these distros are for Gaming, Development, and normal use. You can do all you want using these distributions of Linux.


While searching for a Linux distribution, Ubuntu is most likely to appear in the search results as it is one of the best distro available. It is the perfect system to begin your Linux journey. The best point which enables Ubuntu to be considered first in the list of many Linux distributions is that you do not need to be technically sound to install the Ubuntu.

ubuntu 1610 version

Ubuntu holds the first position in this article because of its simple and convenient procedure of installation. The installation procedure arrives in plain English and provides simple options like installing Ubuntu removing the older OS system or installing it alongside the existing OS system.

Another major quality of Ubuntu is that it has great community support and documentation and also it provides appreciable quality support in all aspects.

Download Ubuntu Now!


Zorin OS is a highly polished Linux distribution that is also Ubuntu-based and it is majorly made for the refugees from windows. Among all the Linux distros, each of them is usable to the users, but some people find difficulties as to how their system looks.


Zorin OS doesn’t let this problem occur in front of its users because of its similarities with the appearance of Windows. Also, Zorin OS comes with a really huge list of already installed software. There’s a good probability that anything you need is already provided by Zorin OS which positions this operator at the second position in the top ten Linux distros.

Download Zorin OS Now!


Linux Mint is one of the best Linux distros as it provides a superior computing experience plus it is graceful and elegant. It offers the Cinnamon desktop environment (which is a back-of-the-hand kind of distro) to new Linux users who find it difficult to get familiar with the Linux system. All the software are very well organized under categories which makes it very convenient to use.


Linux Mint is also an Ubuntu-based distribution and uses the same software repository as Ubuntu. This software is pushed by Ubuntu after extensive testing which means that users will not have to deal with any kind of unexpected crashes and glitches.

So, personally, I recommend the Linux Mint to the users of Windows 7 who are really not into Microsoft as the Linux Mint desktop is pretty similar to the Windows 7 desktop.

Download Linux Mint Cinnamon Now!


We have talked about the Linux distribution for Windows users. So let’s move forward and talk about something for MacOS users too. Due to its aesthetic essence and elegance, Elementary OS quickly rose to achievements and fame. And now is always found in the list of best Linux distros.


Its operating system is greatly stable due to the unquestionable reason that it is Ubuntu-based. Above its software qualities, It is also considered as the most beautiful Linux distros. Elementary OS features the Pantheon desktop environment. Its menu is quite simple and easily customizable according to user preferences, so give it a try.

Download Elementary OS Now!


Monaro Linux offers a friendly installation procedure and also many things are automated like the driver installation. It extremely prevents its users from hassles of hardware. Still, if you face problems, Monjaro has amazing community support.


Unlike the other Linux distro, Monjaro Linux runs on its own software repository which mostly maintains the latest software. Its major priority is to provide up-to-date software to its users and thus it holds the 6th position in this list of best Linux distro.

Monjaro Linux comes in Cinnamon, Gnome, XFCE, KDE, and a host of more desktop environments.

Download Manjaro Linux Now!


Deepin Linux is also a visually appealing Linux distro for beginners just as the Elementary OS. It is developed by the Chinese Linux community to offer a functional desktop experience. Deepin comes with a simple and convenient installation procedure.


The menu, icons, and color theme add to the pleasant desktop environment. This system comes with many programs already installed like Nautilus file manager, Chrome, PDF viewer, USB creator, LibreOffice, etc. Deepin works like a breath even for inexperienced users.

Download Deepin Linux Now!


Linux lite works on a lightweight XFCE desktop environment. It is made for people who wish to use Linux software but still miss their old system. It is a very light software and doesn’t ask much from you, it is clear from its name.


Along with that it is Ubuntu-based and is fully functional out of the books which means Linux lite comes with pre-installed software like Firefox, GIMP, LibreOffice, VLC media player, Thunderbird, etc. Linux Lite also has a menu that is just as it is in Windows. So, it provides Windows users a home-like environment.

Download Linux Lite Now!

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Choosing among the above Linux distro is great advice, but if you want to try something different and great, then you should give it a try to Fedora. Fedora is different from other Linux distributions because it is extremely passionate about including open-source software.

what s new in fedora 27 orig

The developers of the Fedora work with open source projects like Gnome. After making few changes, it ships you the latest, bleeding-edge software. It offers you the greatest and latest stuff from the community.

Download Fedora Linux Now!


Now the Tails Linux holds the 9th position in the list because of its special feature. It provides as much security and privacy as possible. This distro is used by many journalists, political dissidents, and people that need maximum protection.


Also, a major feature of Tails is that it wipes all your traces away when you reboot. Tails Linux is not made for general-purpose but if you’re looking for something rock-solid for maximum protection, then it is the one you should choose.

Download Tails Linux Now!


Pinguy OS in another distro which is Ubuntu-based targeted for the beginning Linux users. It offers plenty of familiar features along with some new ones to the people coming from both Windows or a Mac background.


Pinguy OS features a wide number of user-friendly enhancements, a Gnome user interface with enhanced panels, dock bars, menus, and a careful selection of popular applications used for common computing tasks.

Download Pinguy OS Now!


So here’s the final list of the best Linux Distributions of 2018. These Linux Distros are for Developers as well as beginners. This means you can install these Linux Distros on your Laptop and enjoy a great experience.

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Zorin OS
  3. Linux Mint Cinnamon
  4. Elementary OS
  5. Manjaro Linux
  6. Deepin Linux
  7. Linux Lite
  8. Fedora
  9. Tails
  10. Pinguy OS

Pick the one from the above which is the most convenient to you.


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