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No matter if you’re just starting or an international singing sensation, as a singer you need to practice. But it’s near impossible to practice all the time with a group of people and bulky instruments. Or to endeavor your dream of singing like professional stars there are some best karaoke apps ready to meet your needs. These Karaoke apps of 2018 help you to sing with all musical assistance to enhance your singing skills.

Karaoke App

Apart from this, you know everyone loves to sing, we sing alone, with friends and on various precious and personal moments but some of us want to sing in front of a huge audience and with all instruments. But it requires a lot of practice and perfection because a minor error is enough to make fun of yours, beyond a doubt these karaoke apps are a bonanza for you to get rid of these things.

If you want to sing out loud or record a song then don’t rustle up your dream, just prepare yourself to prove your singing skills to the world. Meanwhile, you can also use these apps for fun with your friends and family.


So, whether you’re a professional singer or just want to enjoy singing for fun, go through this amazing list of free and best karaoke apps and try these apps after downloading.


One of the Best Karaoke Apps ever is Smule.


To begin our list, Smule is the ultimate application and definitely one of the unrivaled applications for karaoke. Here, you just need to think about the song or lyrics and search it, it would surely come up with a relevant song, as it comprises an extensive database of songs.

The karaoke of Smule is free to download but to get full access to all databases you’ll have to purchase the premium version of an app. However, the application has all the essential tools to record your singing with various sound effects.

Download Smule.


red karaoke

Yet another pre-eminent app to endeavor your singing dream. The app has a wide range and style of songs ranging from jazz to pop. What if you get a free audience, Red karaoke allows you to render your singing talent in a community of over 5 million users. Just like Smule, you can record after choosing your favorite song and yourself while singing. At the same time, it’s easy to navigate songs and other features due to a clean interface. Lastly, if you’re a fan of music you’ll find yourself in an uncontrollable situation.

Download Red Karaoke.



Midifun, a boon for music lovers in the google play store. It has the ability to produce great audio quality and offers you screen lyrics with great accuracy to avert any lyrical problem. I know it would be hard to believe but unlike other apps, it works offline.

Now, you may wonder again but it has a good pass time game ” Guess Game” which enables you to play and remember lyrics. You’ll be given four different lyrics to guess the name of the song. Above all, in terms of interface, it’s is wonderful to use and learn. The application has all the basic features to produce some great music.

Download Midifun.



Though the app doesn’t offer you a large song library you can sing with extra zeal and enthusiasm than usual. Here, in this app, you’ll get a creative music environment and millions of karaoke fans already singing their heart out.

You might be thinking about genre or style of music, don’t worry it gives you a wide range of music styles. Recording a song is quite simple, all you need is to select a track and sing along with displayed lyrics. And while recording you can add special voice effects like echo and reverb. Aside from this, you can re-record as many times you want to get the desired result.

Download Yokee.

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the voice

With the myriad of features, Voice is one of the reverent applications for karaoke and definitely it’s a worthy option for you. In Voice, you’ll get a good deal, you can sing and record 200,000+ songs and share with your friends on social media to get like and praising comments. If you’re willing to prepare for any reality shows audition, then you can experience how it feels to sing on stage. Talking about basic features, you can record with plenty of audio effects and record yourself too.

Download The Voice.


Image result for star maker app

One of the karaoke apps lets you learn music beyond karaoke. The application gives you all primitive features to sing like professionals. It has an auto-tuner, using which you can module your pitch or loudness of your voice. Meanwhile, it has other vital tools for the enhancement of your audio quality such as audio effects. And differently, it allows you to compose your own music for songs.

Download Starmaker.


karaoke rush

If you want to sing for fun, then surely this app is made for you. Basically, it’s a game in which you’re a staff member in the open mic club and now you have to ensure that every impatient customer gets his/her karaoke box. You can learn time management by catering to their demands on time.

Download Karaoke Rush.


baby karaoke

The application has focused a lot on kids. It has animated nursery rhymes karaoke which enables you to help out your kids in completing school homework or just make them learn. It has an attractive interface for kids consisting of animals.

Download Baby Karaoke.



A rare Karaoke app that allows you and your friends to create a mashup of trending songs. Here, you can sing or sync lip on your favorite tracks for fun. Meanwhile, the app allows you to record songs with your expression which means you can even dance while recording your pleasant voice. The application frequently adds songs to its library to boost your fun.

Download Fusic.


kids aroke

An astounding android application not only for kids but adults too. You would be amused after using this application. Though, it has a vast library of traditional rhymes for kids but gives you a reasonable song list for karaoke. It’s a boom for you and your kid.

Download Kids Karaoke.


And before binding take a quick look at the best karaoke apps. All these Android karaoke apps are free to download and use on your android device.

  1. Smule
  2. Red Karaoke Sing and Record
  3. Midifun Karaoke
  4. Yokee Karaoke
  5. The Voice: On Stage
  6. Star Maker Sing+Video
  7. Karaoke Rush
  8. Baby Karaoke
  9. Music-Sing, Dance & Karaoke
  10. Kids Karaoke

We have picked these Best Karaoke apps based on the number of downloads from the play store and reviews of users. We hope this writing will help you to select a reasonable karaoke app. If you have something to say on this list, please leave a comment.


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