Is Platinum is Best Hypoallergenic Earrings for Sensitive Ears 


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Many people usually complain of discomfort and itchiness when they wear earrings. The minor itchiness may lead to blood or pus oozing out when it worsens. Many often place the blame on earrings, but to be sincere, they are not the main culprits. 

If you want to avoid this discomfort and itchiness when you wear earrings, the best thing to do is to be very careful with the material used to make the earrings.

What usually causes this is the metal that the earrings are made of. But is platinum hypoallergenic? 

You need to understand that not all metals used to make earrings can cause these irritations and allergic reactions. There is a group of metals called hypoallergenic.

These metal types will not irritate the skin when you use them. So, which metals are Hypoallergenic? Is platinum hypoallergenic? Keep reading this post to find out more. 

What Causes Sensitive Ears?

What causes sensitive ears are certain metals that react with the skin or body tissue when it comes into contact. These metals often cause allergies. If you wonder which type of metals cause an allergic reaction and skin sensitivity, one of them is Nickel. 

This type of metal is usually why many women give up wearing earrings. The bad news is that Nickel and cobalt are often used to create alloys used to make many types of jewelry, including earrings. 

Cheap jewelry is not the only one that contains Nickel. There are also other precious metals that are combined with Nickel to make earrings. Jewelers can combine silver and gold with Nickel which is usually used to enhance their appearance. 

When a person suffers from an allergic reaction, they blame silver or gold squarely. In a real sense, it is the alloy that contains Nickel.

Allergic reactions include redness, swelling, bleeding, pain, and itchiness. People who suffer from metal sensitivity need to avoid the metals that cause allergies. 

The only way to get rid of allergic reactions to metals is to avoid wearing jewelry made from these metals. These metals are known as hypoallergenic metals. 

What are hypoallergenic metals?

Is platinum hypoallergenic? If you usually undergo skin allergies when wearing certain metals as jewelry, you need to look for a hypoallergenic metal. There are several metals that have hypoallergenic qualities in them. Here are a few examples for you to try if your skin is sensitive or is affected by certain metals. 

1. Platinum Earrings 

Compared to other types of metals, platinum is one rarest metal for making jewelry. This is the reason why it is costly compared to other metals. Besides being a hypoallergenic metal, platinum is also durable and strong. That is why it stays for a long time without wearing out. If you decide to buy a piece of jewelry or a pair of earrings, you can choose platinum earrings. 

What usually makes other metals reactive to different skin types is alloys. This means mixing with other metals such as Nickel and cobalt. White gold, for instance, is an alloy metal that contains Nickel. 

This means that white gold is not pure. In white gold, only 75 percent of it is gold. Platinum, on the other hand, is a poor metal. About 95 percent of a platinum diamond ring is platinum. This means that this type of metal is pure and won’t cause you any harm. 

2. Silver earrings 

Another metal that won’t hurt you when you decide to wear them is silver. Silver is a Hypoallergenic metal that doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

It is 99.9% pure, so it is not an alloy. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure, making it an excellent option for earrings that don’t cause allergic reactions. In some negligible cases, traces of Nickel may be found on sterling silver. 

Not all people are safe with sterling silver. In some people, it may cause allergic reactions. You have to be careful when buying these earrings. You need to ensure that it does not irritate your skin before buying. If you wish to buy sterling earrings and your skin is extremely sensitive to Nickel, ask the jeweler if it contains traces of Nickel.

3. Gold earrings 

Gold is one of the most suitable metal choices for people with sensitive skin. It is also a hypoallergenic metal and will work out well as earrings.

However, when gold is not pure and used to create an alloy, it can lose its hypoallergenic characteristic, making it risky for sensitive skin. Metals mixed with gold to create alloys include Nickel and zinc, which cause allergic reactions.

Gold earrings that are likely to cause allergic reactions are those under 14k gold purity. If you fancy gold earrings, you need to get those above 14k, such as 18k or 22k gold.

You may also decide to go for 24k gold, 100 percent our gold. Although you won’t suffer from any allergic reactions, these earrings are quite soft and would not last for a long time like platinum. Pure gold is also costly. 

4. White gold 

White gold is an alloy that contains gold, palladium, and silver. This type of alloy may sometimes contain Nickel. Yellow gold is mixed with these metals to give it that whitish appearance. Two common alloys are used to make white gold.

They include gold-nickel-copper-zinc alloy and gold-palladium-silver alloy. If you have sensitive skin susceptible to allergic reactions, you better go for the palladium alloy, which does not cause allergies. Before buying white gold earrings or jewelry, confirm with the jeweler first whether it is a palladium alloy or a nickel alloy. 

5. Surgical Stainless Steel (SSS) 

If your skin is sensitive and reacts to certain metals, surgical stainless steel is another excellent alternative metal for your earrings, commonly known as SSS. It is more affordable than silver and platinum. This type of metal is usually used as an implant in surgical procedures.

They are also ideal for body piercings. They are also used to create earrings that don’t cause allergic reactions. Stainless steel can also be used to create alloys. Stainless steel is often mixed with Nickel; therefore, choose either grade 316LVM or grade 316L if you have sensitive ears. 

6. Titanium Earrings 

Another excellent metal for sensitive ears is titanium. This metal is not only hypoallergenic, but it’s also durable. Titanium is stronger than steel but lighter, making it a good alternative for SSS earrings. Its lightweight makes it much more comfortable to create earrings for people with sensitive ears. Compared to gold, which is lighter, titanium is quite durable. 

7. Plastic Earrings 

Another material that won’t irritate your ear is plastic. Besides being safe to wear as earrings, plastic is also much more affordable. You can choose metal earrings with plastic posts because those are the parts that come into contact with the skin. The downside of plastic earrings is that they look cheaper and can’t be molded into any fancy design. 


Wearing earrings does not cause allergic reactions. The type of metal used to create the piece causes skin sensitivity.

You can learn jewelry, especially earrings made from platinum metal if you don’t want to experience skin allergic reactions. Although this type of jewelry is quite pricey, it is also durable and strong, meaning you will wear it for the rest of your life.


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