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All through the pandemic, thousands of Indians from across the country have been moving to Goa. Unlike in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, buying and renting homes in Goa is done a little differently.

Here, buyers buy luxury villas from reputed builders who they know, through word of mouth, offer quality construction.

Relocating to Goa and finding a home, especially something coveted like a pool villa for sale in Assagao, can be challenging. That’s because, in Goa, people find what they’re looking for through connections, groups, and word of mouth.

Therefore, to an outsider, choosing the right location for a new home in Goa can be quite a tedious job. After all, a home is a place you’ll be residing in for years or even decades.

The last thing anyone would want is to live in a place that’s got multiple troubles, struggles, discomfort, and inconvenience. So if you’re planning to buy a property in Goa following is a guide to aid you in choosing the perfect location for your new home.

Step 1: Explore the city life that suits you best

Who doesn’t wish to have the city-like convenience while you reside in a quaint little village in Goa? None of us would want to travel a distance of 20 km or more just to do some shopping.

While in Goa, you can get items like fruits, veggies, and groceries down every street, when it comes to modern conveniences, like appliances, clothing, or branded products, you will need to travel to one of Goa’s cities.

It is quite obvious that Goan cities are prone to loud noises, day-to-day chatter, and everlasting traffic jams. But then again who wouldn’t want to live with the benefit of being able to grab your essentials at ease? While the city life may not be extremely peaceful, it is surely productive in kind.

So weigh the pros and cons about where you would like to live and what’s more important to you. Some folks love the hustle-bustle of the city, while others prefer retiring in a quiet second-home in a village.

Step 2: Homes on slopes

Houses that are structured and built on slopes always cost much more than the rest of the properties available in Goa. That’s because many offer mesmerizing views of the seaside, of fields, coconut palms, and the like from up above.

Apart from the mesmerizing views of the luxury apartment that stand on a slope, it can however be risky to reside in one with the probability of landslides, especially during the monsoon season. Although, Goa rarely experiences such unfortunate situations. But then again, it’s best to be safe and opt for luxury apartments or properties in Goa that are built on flat surfaces.

Step 3: Healthcare is a priority when relocating to Goa

Health is wealth. What is the value of life if you aren’t even in good health? Be that as it may, it’s not something that’s in our hands. When buying a new luxury apartment in Goa, ensure that there’s an appropriate and decent healthcare clinic or hospital nearby to assist you with your medical emergencies.

Staying far off from some kind of medical assistance can be quite troublesome. Hence, clarify, investigate and familiarise yourself with the nearest possible healthcare center. Goa is quite developed in terms of its healthcare infrastructure, with hospitals and clinics in most locations, especially in the north of Goa.

If you have elders or kids in the family, opt for luxury real estate projects in Goa that have these facilities available to you.

Step 4: Check out for affordable properties

Purchasing a new home when relocating to Goa can be quite a weary and hectic affair. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. It is essential to find the perfect balance between location and price together. Somewhere too cheap or too expensive should be out of the question altogether.

They may be isolated properties located far away in the middle of the non-existing desert in Goa! Avoid such predicaments and opt for properties lined out by the best real estate agents in Goa. They’re the most trustable ones if you’re looking to buy a new home in the state.

Step 5: Safety First

As compared to the other states of the country, Goa is perhaps the safest. Crime rates in Goa are at an all-time low with an exception of a few. This encourages relocating to Goa, especially for people with old parents and children.

However, it shouldn’t give you the idea of pushing your luck in any way. Unless you plan on constructing super high walls, costly surveillance systems, an overnight bodyguard, a bungalow standing alone in a somewhat quiet and isolated arena can be risky to a certain extent.

A well-secured and safe apartment that’s got 24 x 7 operating CCTV cameras and plenty of security officials patrolling the premises regularly should be your top pick. While plenty of properties in Goa offers this today, they will naturally be priced higher than those that do not have a gate, a guard, or cameras.

Step 6: Home Inspection before relocating to Goa

As we all know, looks can be deceiving. Therefore, expect the unexpected. Buying a new home in Goa doesn’t just involve a handful of cash hence, you ought to be careful and sure with where and with how you invest. Lean towards the safer side and get a professional home inspection done for better quality, safety, and integrity of your home.

A detailed home inspection survey also gives you an insight into the possible maintenance costs that may arise in the future thus saving you from unprecedented shocks and surprises.

If you are based out of Goa and are looking to invest, visit Goa and take multiple trips to the site throughout the construction process. While it may cost you time and money, it will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

In Conclusion

There are various pros to staying in Goa. Residing in a luxury apartment here is truly a dream come true. Every coin has got two sides. Likewise, there are cons too. Before relocating to Goa, ensure that you’ve managed to cover the above mentioned steps so that your dream comes true doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare.

In Goa, people are quite forthcoming with information. So it is advisable to purchase a property after finding out the veracity of the builder, and likewise, when you rent, inquire about the neighborhood, landlord, facilities, and more


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