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Many of you might believe that these little icons are literary assassins, replacing words and dumbing down our communicative dexterity. But unquestionably, we all love emojis as they communicate quickly, effortlessly, and across language barriers. And i think emojis aren’t degrading our language or replacing our language, they are actually complementing our language. Anyways, we aren’t here to discuss the bright and dark side of emojis, if you’re bored with using built-in(keyboard) emojis then you’re on the right platform. Some apps are developed specifically to bring packs of Emojis to your android phones. Here, we’re giving you a list of the best emojis apps for android devices.

These best emoji apps would definitely help you to bring excitement and fun to your chatting. They have thousands of emojis for different situations and using these emoticons will make you more competent and friendly with your family and friends. These apps give you two different forms of emojis -one for your work and another for your family/friends.

However, it would be difficult for you to find the right application, as there is a pool full of emojis apps. So, we have picked the 10 best emoji apps for you, just go through the list and choose the best compatible emoji app for your device.


We have chosen these apps very carefully and certainly, these are the best in the business. So, all you have to do is click on the download option and get a new staple for your texting. Here’s your complete list of the best emoji apps for android.

1. swiftkey


Do you need any introduction to “Swiftkey”? I guess you all have heard this name if you’re using an android or iOS device. The application is at the apogee of success due to incredible working and compatibility with almost every android version. It comes with 100+ pre-loaded emojis that one can use during friendly or professional chats. Apart from emojis, the application gives you flow-typing and generates a handy dictionary of frequently used words. The app will even suggest emojis to you when you type a word or phrase.



Facemoji is an Oxford dictionary of emojis. The app not only gives you thousands of emojis but also assists you in using them. So, if you have started using emojis lately, then you might like this app. The app has an amazing library of emojis and updates itself frequently to compete with rivals. Apart from emojis, Facemoji offers you a lot, you can customize the keyboard by choosing from tons of themes or by setting your own picture as background.



A google developed app in which you can find a larger and more exciting collection of emojis. Here, you can upgrade your texts and emails with an enormous variety of emojis to fit your messaging needs. Features include static and animated emojis as well as emoji art made from a combination of different emojis. The fun part is that you can even access attractive emoji fonts to add customized style to your messages.



What if i tell you that you can design your own emoji? Sounds great, Imoji gives you the freedom to create your own emoji and stickers which you can dedicate to your family or friends. You can insert your own emoji and sticker art into your standard text messages and can go beyond using this app for communicating with the emojis. But there is a pitfall of this app you can only send emoji or stickers using this standalone messaging app.



The application is packed with thousands of cool emojis, emoticons, funny GIFs, and much more this form of communication. You can imagine the credibility of the application, as it has more than a 20 million user base. You can strike words with lightning-fast speed and i can assure you this app would give you an amazing experience of texting. Besides these features, you’ll get intelligent predictive text, smart autocorrect, and suggested stickers.



If you want to customize the whole keyboard or emoji thing, then ai. type is the best suitable option for you in your android play store. The app lets you design the keyboard layout, change themes, colors, fonts, and most importantly use more than 800 emoji which helps you to express yourself exactly the way you want to. For fast chatting, you can swipe your fingers from one key to another which is based on an auto-correction.

7. bitmoji


Another application that is unique and caters to your emoji differently. With Bitmoji, you can create personalized avatars and stickers. You can create an avatar of your chat partner by using his/her pictures and it would exactly appear like your partner. And the fun doesn’t end here, you can access emoji, stickers, and other stuff directly from the Google keyboard which increases your possibility.



With 100+ keyboard layouts and themes, Emoji Keyboard is another viable option for your search. You can customize your keyboard with different colors, font, keypress sounds, and more. Meanwhile, there are tons of emojis which you can use to show different emotions. You can use them in normal texts, Whatsapp, Facebook, and almost every other messaging apps. And you’ll certainly discover other features after using this emoji app.



Fleksy offers you more than 800 emojis for free along with 50 vibrant color themes. It empowers your writing with features like Hotkeys, shortcuts, rainbows, and many other uncommon features. It assists your chatting with text and emoji predictions. At the same time, it gives you various gestures like you can swipe to delete, add space, or other punctuation.



The application boasts more than a thousand emoji and free themes. If you’re a theme freak and like to change themes every day, you would love this app and will thank our website for suggesting you this special emoji app. Speaking about emojis, there is a huge collection of emojis and stickers. The application has emoji and word prediction and you can chat in 60 different languages.




Here’s your list of best emoji apps for your android device.

  1. Swiftkey
  2. Facemoji
  3. Gboard
  4. Emoji
  5. Kika Emoji
  6. ai.type
  7. Bitmoji
  8. Emoji Keyboard Pro
  9. Fleksy
  10. Go Keyboard

These are some best emoji apps that we wanted to share with you. Download any of these apps and express yourself using the beauty of non-verbal communication. Now, if you have anything to say about this writing, use emojis and leave a comment below.


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