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If you are a seller, the ease and simplicity with which a person can post a classifieds ad and reach out to potential buyers within a short time span is the major advantage of using Offerup. Considering you are a buyer, you get multiple deals for used products you cant find in any other place easily. You could shortlist products that suit your budget, check out photos, and even negotiate all from the convenience of your home. Now, we’re gonna embellish your opportunity as a seller or buyer by giving you a list of 10 other best apps like Offerup.

There are various benefits you can avail of using these apps like more chances of you selling a product at your price compared to going through a broker, and you also end up not paying commissions, etc. Loads of ads are still free and no money is spent on posting classifieds ads on these apps which is a major advantage over print or similar classified.

So, if you want to get rid of old goods and chattels then we’re ready to help you out. We have made a list of apps like Offerup. Though there are many places like Offerup, these are our handpicked and definitely best-rated apps in your Playstore.


Here’s your list of the best apps like Offerup that you’re looking for. Now, you need to continuously search for products to get a bargain or a great deal.



There is a profusion of goods that you might want as a potential buyer and if you’re a seller then Oodle provides consumers with a friendly local marketplace to sell and trade. Oodle is your complete source for local classifieds. Here, you will find classified ads for everything you could need such as cars, jobs, homes, tickets, pets, and millions of free classified ads.

Oodle finds your deals based on your location, it would require permission to access your location. Apart from this, Oodle operates a network of online marketplaces with more than 15M monthly unique users from different countries.




Close5 is a fun and easy way to Offer up. Unlike other apps, it won’t come up with irrelevant classified that would be miles away from your location. Like its name, it would show the closest deals available for you at first. Just enter your location and you’ll get deals on home goods, furniture, fashion, and baby & kid items. You can contact the seller or the buyer with a private message and negotiate favorable deals.



Cover art

Recycler is a reasonable alternative to Offer up which offers you a great deal. The application makes it very easy for you to navigate and sort listed classified. If you’re looking for vehicles, jobs, rentals, and services probably this is the best suitable option for you. Recycler lets you contact sellers directly from the app rather than going to the website. All you need to download this amazing app and search regularly for good deals.



letgo 2

Another popular name in this list, LetGo was started in 2015 and in recent years it has gained enormous users all over the world. The application allows users to buy and sell stuff online without charging a buck. Here, all you have to do is scan your product and fill in the product details. Just make sure whatever information you would fill about the product should be authentic, otherwise, any complaint about forgery would land your account into trouble. Like other apps, it also uses your current location to buy stuff.




If you have a Facebook account then Varagesale would help with its amazing features. The application has a very tough policy to counter scammers, it requires a Facebook account to make sure the buyer and seller are real. Here, you can browse local classified listing on the feed or sort categories in which you’re interested. You can things like baby gear, furniture, household items, electronics, clothing, and many more necessary items.




If you’re habituated to bargaining prices before buying or selling a product, Selio is an exceptional place for you. You can negotiate to get a good price and make money by selling your old or unused pieces of stuff like cars, electronics, furniture, etc. Meanwhile, Selio doesn’t charge anything for listing, posting ads, or transaction fees. It’s super simple to use Selio, go to your Playstore and download the application for free and sign in by giving modicum personal information.



Yerdle has been working as reselling app since 2012, the application comprises 1.2 million products which is uncommon. The application allows you to list items for free, and when someone buys your product it delivers to buyers. And it also credits some rewards to your account. The application won’t give you money but an opportunity to make someone happy and get rid of old stuff. So, just swap your old goods and bring the new arrivals.




As the name suggests it’s a blend of social networking and classified. Now, you don’t need to search classified sites on social sites like Insta or Facebook, you can follow your favorite sellers and give feedback to them. It lets you search locally to find goods close to you. Though, you can post your ad too. It was a very clean and intuitive app that helps you navigate around and sort things for yourself.




You might be unknown to the fact that eBay has a classified section that helps you to pick your requirements locally. The application has an auto location feature that finds the nearest deals for you. You can discuss a product with the seller in the private chat room. And like other apps, you can also post your ads too, though it takes a minimum charge to give priority to ads. So, download the eBay app and check out this hidden feature now.




Last application in our list where you can post classified ads for free. Here, you post items and the potential buyers use their credits to buy them. On every activity, you’ll be credited and using which you can buy someone else products. And you can also use these credits to get discounts on wanted goods. You should try this interesting app by downloading it right away.


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This is your list of best apps like Offerup.

  1. Oodle
  2. Close5
  3. Recycler
  4. LetGo
  5. VarageSale
  6. Selio
  7. Yerdle
  8. Socialsell
  9. eBay Classifieds
  10. Listia

So, this was our list of best apps like Offerup. One thing we can assure you these apps free from any types of scammers and impressed their users with their distinctive features. This means you don’t need to worry about anything, just start selling or buying while sitting on your couch.


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