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Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees In UK


The world used to be way simpler than it is now. Get your bachelor’s and majors Degree done ad you will get the job, wait not only to job a respectable and reputable job. Those times were when people had less knowledge and limited resources.

Not everyone was able to get the same degrees, which lower the competition in the past. By changing times now, it is not only about the common degrees, courses, or the competition. We are entering the digital world and the era is changing by leaving those traditional routines behind.

Before then, by the time you were done with your degree, dozens of companies were available at your job offering.

Getting your majors done was a really big deal that would lead you to only a great job designation but also a heavy salary.

Now you can see people struggling for jobs in your surrounding as well. And pls do not hit me with “passion has nothing to do anything with salary” otherwise you would not be here right?

Most of the time companies also consider the universities you have graduated from. Big names and their goodwill work like a magic on your resume.

Degrees from reputable universities are not only the responsibility of providing theoretical knowledge but also improvising your whole perspective of the world and your personality.

Oxford And Cambridge Lead Graduates Towards The Highest Paying Salaries!

Through recent research, it is discovered that these two universities in the UK are generating the highest-paid employees every year. It is not something to amuse on we all have heard these names and we know how much expensive these universities can be.

Within five years of graduation, graduates of the prestigious University of Oxford may expect to earn an average salary of £34,802. The University of Cambridge, the UK’s second-oldest university, isn’t far behind, with alumni earning an average of £34,720 per year after graduation.

University College London graduates are anticipated to earn £32,757 and King’s College London students are expected to earn an amazing £31,899. Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, also reaches the top five, with graduates earning an average yearly salary of £31,170 in five years.

However, getting admission to these universities is not an easy process. There are several steps in the process you need to get done with before even applying.

These big universities demand recommendation letters, certain talents are also much appreciated, and yes, an essay that tells them a story about you and your life.

You have to be so careful writing your essay because that is something you are telling yourself to the university.

There are options of getting your essay done perfectly from another way if you are weak in writing. And it is ok not everybody can do everything. You can google buy essay UK and outsource your essay writing. Hey, it is better than failing at a very minor step.

Average Salary Idea In The UK!

For the sake of comparison, the National Minimum Wage in the United Kingdom is £8.91 per hour. It costs £8.36 for individuals aged 21 to 22, and £6.56 for those aged 18 to 20. Working full time at the age of 21 or 22 and working 35 hours per week would earn you £15,215 per year. After taxes, that comes to £14,008 per year.

In 2021, the average annual income in the United Kingdom will be £28,000. But what about the best-paid jobs for freshers in the UK? The data on this varies for a variety of reasons, but the average starting pay in the United Kingdom is around £24,000 per year.

When you break it down, you’re looking at £2,000 a month, £450 per week, or £90 per day. For a start, it’s not bad, all right.

Earning this much or more would be considered a respectable starting wage, allowing you to cover your living expenses, have fun in your spare time, and, if you have a student loan, start paying it off.

Listing Highest Paying Degrees In The UK

When it comes to the top of highest-paying bachelor’s degree ranking medical field comes first.

And of course, why it should not be, the amount of time, effort, and the intense pressure they invest in graduating and then practicing for a long time they deserve it all right. Plus, do not even get me started on how expensive these medical degrees are.

We all want our return on investments. Other than that, I am listing down a few more graduation degrees yet diverse fields so it will help you all with different career choices.


S.NO DEGREE Percentage of graduates earning above £39K
1 Medicine & Dentistry 47%
2 Engineering & Technology 19%
3 Combined 18%
4 Architecture, Building & Planning 17%
5 Business & Administrative Studies 17%
6 Law 16%
7 Computer Science 14%
8 Education 12%
9 Veterinary Science 12%
10 Subjects allied to Medicine 11%
11 Mathematical Sciences 10%
12 Unknown Subject 9%
13 Social Studies 9%
14 Physical Sciences 6%
15 Biological Sciences 5%
16 Historical & Philosophical Studies 5%
17 Languages 4%
18 Creative Arts & Design 3%
19 Mass Communications & Documentation 3%
20 Agriculture 3%



Plan For Your Future!

Deciding where to spend your life’s precious four long years (sometimes more) with a specific degree is a huge decision. You have to be very precise about your life choices before stepping ahead and letting your brain and heart both decide what you are made for.

You need to consider the expenses like paying to write essays that come along with what you plan for yourself. After these 4 long years, you have to be able to earn and live for your whole life.

With all the expensive fees, long years, hectic studies, and your invested time and devotion you must consider every option. In my professional opinion, salary should not be the only motto while perusing any specific field of passion.

These upcoming years of your life will decide your future lifestyle and long-term impact on your life financially as well. But in the end, the decision must be mutually done by both brain and heart.

Note: Every Degree has its own highs and lows, Students need to focus on/her interest not earning value.

This is just guidance for people lacking any interest. Data may fluctuate over the time this is purely today’s researched data. Hope you will take it the right way.



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