Household Activities to Avoid During Pregnancy


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Pregnancy is the most precious part of the life of any woman. Household activities are, on the other hand, some activities that we have to do in our daily life. But some household activities are really dangerous during the trimesters. Here are some household activities to avoid during your pregnancy:

Avoid Carrying Heavy Load

Carrying a heavy load is a usual household activity. It may be a bag full of vegetables, a bucket of water, a vacuum cleaner, a laundry basket, or even an older baby. Do you know that you should avoid carrying them during your pregnancy? You should consult with your obstetrician at the beginning of each trimester and take advice from her on how much load you are allowed to carry. Strictly follow her advice and avoid carrying beyond the suggested weight. The baby inside your womb will keep making pressure and strain constantly on your back. Lifting heavier weight than the suggestion of the doctor is going to cause many problems during your pregnancy. Whether you need to carry any heavy equipment during pregnancy you might take help from someone else.

Avoid Climbing

Among the household activities, there are some activities that involve climbing on stools or ladder. The reason may be fetching a suitcase from above, fitting a bulb, or cleaning ceiling fans. In any of these cases, there is a chance of falling down, which may ultimately lead to the miserable consequence of miscarriage. So, avoid this kind of household activity during pregnancy. You may think that it is not possible, right? No, it is possible. How? Let the other family members do it. If you are alone at home, wait for them to come. Never take the risk. It is the question of life inside you. Thus pregnancy is one of the sensitive periods so you might avoid climbing at a high distance. However, if you need to pick something you should use a chair, stairs, etc that can make the work easier.

Avoid Bending Continuously

Some household activities like washing clothes, sweeping, wiping, mopping, and so on involves bending for a long duration, and so they are the things to avoid during pregnancy. Bending for a long time creates extreme pressure and pain on lower back muscles, gluts Maximums, gluteus Erasmus, and nerves related to the hip. As a pregnant, you have already been coping with back pain because of carrying a baby inside your lower belly, and that extra pain on the same area will not be tolerable to you. That is why, either take the help of someone else in your family to accomplish those household activities or crouch, that is, stay on your knees and wrist maintaining a straight back or spine.

Avoid Cleaning Products with Heavy Chemicals

Cleaning with chemical products has become a trend in our daily household activity. During pregnancy, it is compelling to avoid those products like detergent, insect killer spray, and so on because they contain harmful chemicals that are responsible for deforming the neuron, heart, and limbs of the baby inside the pregnant. So the best solution is to avoid them completely during pregnancy and to use natural washing components such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemons. If you cannot manage using vinegar, baking soda, and lemons, there is a bad alternative. The bad alternative is, wear long and heavy gloves and masks, keep your house fully ventilated, use as little amount of moderate type of cleaning products as you can, and then do the household activities carefully unless the chemicals touch your skin or its smell enters through your nose, mouth, ears, or eyes.

Surrogate Pregnancy

The surrogate mother is responsible to give the birth baby to its biological parents and the baby has to handover to the intended parents. Thus surrogacy process cover by a legal agreement and maintain by a surrogacy agency so you have to follow all the given instructions for household activities to avoid during pregnancy. Whether you need to do any hard or heavy-duty household activities, you might take help from your domestic worker or help hand. Thus most of the surrogate mothers get paid from the agency so you may live in the house that is provided by your surrogacy agency. However, if you need extra payment for additional household works you may ask the intended parents to increase the surrogacy costs. Visit maternità surrogata costi to learn more about global surrogacy costs.

Final Thoughts

Chores or household activities are mandatory for keeping our life mobilized but avoid the above types of household activities during your pregnancy. If you notice you are going to carry heavy, climb, bend constantly, or clean with chemicals, do not be afraid to ask for help from your husband or any other family member. Men are lazy about household chores even in America, so motivate and mentally treat him for you and your upcoming baby.


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