How To Do Automation Testing For Mobile Applications


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Before you shift from a manual, automated form of testing, you must learn how to start the automation process. Firstly it is essential to know the test cases that need to be prioritized while starting the automation.

Next, you need to choose the type of framework you are willing to use to help automate your mobile test or You can hire an automation app testing company. Finally, you need to select the test execution environment and platforms that are ideal for mobile testing.

Why Is It Necessary To Automate Mobile App Testing?

The main reason you need to automate mobile app testing is that it offers faster results and extended coverage on both the platform and the test scenarios. Even though mobile app automation is highly complex, in most cases, these are successfully automated.

One of the essential points you need to keep in mind while automating is that you need to avoid as much ROI out of automation as possible. This will help reduce the chances of time consumption and make the automation process less flaky.

Once you execute the automation strategically, several benefits will include faster feedback, the quicker discovery of bugs, and help to improve the mitigations of risks. The best strategies also ensure that there is extended test coverage and a faster release time.

The best way to ensure that you automate your apps properly is by starting with small steps rather than automating everything at once. When testing the mobile applications, it is recommended to start with three test cases: unit tests, integration tests, and functional tests—keeping these as the top priority helps to act as a good starting point.

Different Tests To Automate Your Mobile Application

These are some of the top tests that you carry out to automate your mobile application.

Unit Testing

It is one of the most simple and fastest methods for testing. Not only does it offer a cost-friendly fix, but at the same time, they are reusable, and they are much easier to debug than the other form of tests.

Integration Testing

This form of testing helps to ensure that things work out the way they are expected based on the interfaces and modules. This helps accelerate the testing time and provides faster feedback.

Functional Testing

This is a form of testing that is highly recommended and prioritized for automation. Automating the functional UI tests helps access the various app functions across the devices and the other variations.

Selecting Your Automation Framework For Mobile Testing

Once you decide on the type of test you prefer, selecting the proper automation framework that suits your requirements is essential.

There are several options of frameworks that you can choose from. Still, it is necessary to choose one that is reliable and aligns with your particular objectives and integrates with the various toolchains you are using and the current processes. It is also essential to remember that the framework should complement the skill set of the team.


It is one of the most favored mobile app testing frameworks as these have an extremely active community that helps to get started with the automation process. The added advantage of this framework is that it is an open sources framework.


It is also an open-source framework for mobile testing. Still, the only limitation with this framework is that it is android specific and is ideally used for android UI testing.


It is an open-source testing framework that only works for IOS apps. It is only ideal for the IOS-specific UI test automation. This form of testing offers a developer-friendly environment for both unit and functional testing.


It is an open-source framework that is formulated by perfecto. It is a BDD testing framework, and thus it is essential to know the code for writing the test scripts. But at the same time, it is possible to create test flows in plain language that helps to work well for teams that are void of coding skills.

Executing The Mobile App Tests

Once you have chosen a framework, you are ready to start executing the tests.

Virtual Tests

This mobile application testing process includes IOS simulators and android emulators. It allows you to test the basic functionalities of the UI layout of the IOS apps, and the android emulators help to test the basic app functionality and UI layout of the android apps.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages associated with this form of testing. Even though it offers faster testing, it is limited in its testing capabilities, making it impossible to gauge the app’s performance.

Real Devices

This form of testing offers real physical devices and real hardware that helps to cover the required environment-based testing, which includes specific carrier configurations and unique sensors and gesture testing.

This type of testing allows for testing the app for various locations and environments and also helps to test varying conditions, competing apps, and OS versions.

Both Real And Virtual Devices

Virtual devices are best utilized in the early stages of development, and real devices are best used later. These complement each other and are spread between the emulators and real devices based on the build phase.

Testing The Infrastructure

Another essential consideration that you need to make for your test execution is whether to execute the tests in the cloud or on-premises. According to the top professionals, it is recommended to choose the cloud-based testing environment that helps to offer more flexibility and several benefits that include global access,

making it suitable for globally dispersed teams to work from home. It also provides a 24X7 service along with extended test coverage for both devices and test scenarios.

It also offers faster access to the new release and provides a more secure solution. Last but not least these are much easier to scale than the other on-prem solutions.

Following these steps properly can help you scale the testing on the platform and offer you a chance to work on automated advanced testing scenarios, and help find and fix bugs faster.

Conclusively these are the steps that you need to follow to automate your mobile application.


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