Top 7 AngularJS Development Tools You Should Know About in 2021


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Most startups, SMEs, and even established companies look for high functionality and feature-rich frameworks to develop a well-built, high-quality web application in less time. AngularJS is one of the preferred and widely used frameworks among web developers and business owners who dynamically develop a web app.

Businesses hire the best AngularJS programmers who use HTML language and spread its syntax to reveal the application’s content comprehensively.

But is this enough for a dynamic and time-saving web app development process? Well, to ease the burden and accelerate the process of development, you need specific tools for editing, testing, debugging, developing, and designing your app. This article will suggest the top seven AngularJS tools to make your task easier. But before that, let’s learn something about Angular as a framework.

What is Angular?

AngularJS is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem, and one of the most famous web app development frameworks developed by Google in 2009. It is an open-source, front-end platform used to design user interfaces. With Angular, you can build dynamic Single-Page Applications (SPAs) and present high-powered content to your users. Some of the remarkable features of AngularJS are:

  • Rapid cross-platform development
  • Code generation and code splitting to speed up the development process
  • Interactive templates, CLI tools, and IDE editors for UI
  • Unit testing and easy accessibility

Best AngularJS development tools to make things easier for you

1.   Karma

The first tool in our list is Karma, which is one of the best testing tools for Angular development. It offers users a well-constructed testing environment to test the application on real browsers and devices. With Karma, you can do multiple types of testing, such as unit testing, midway testing, or E2E testing.

Features of Karma

  • Test on real devices
  • Easy debugging
  • Remote control access
  • Continuous integration

2.   Protractor

Built on top of WebDriverJS, Protractor is an end-to-end testing tool. With Protractor, you can run a test in a real browser interacting with your application.

Features of Protractor

  • Test like a regular user
  • Supports Angular-specific locator strategies
  • Automatic waiting feature

3.   AngularFire

You can use this tool for creating a back-end for your Angular applications. It comes with three-way data binding, flexible APIs, and rapid development capabilities.

Features of Angular Fire

  • Stores data automatically
  • Synchronized real-time data binding
  • Provides static website hosting for Angular apps

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4.   Jasmine

It is a behavior-driven testing tool and does not rely on any browser or DOM. It is a suitable tool for Angular applications or anywhere else where there is JavaScript. Jasmine automatically observes and acknowledges JavaScript frameworks and classes.

Features of Jasmine

  • Used for Test-driven development (TDD)
  • It is open-source and does not require any DOM
  • Use with other languages like Ruby or Python

5.   Webstorm

The best thing about Webstorm is that it comes with an intelligent Angular online editor offering great support for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and all their modern successors. Moreover, it works with all modern technologies, so developers prefer this tool a lot.

Features of Webstorm

  • Easy JavaScript debugging
  • It comes with a Smart IDE
  • Offers Git Support

6.   SublimeText

SublimeText is a sophisticated text code editor for Angular development. With its smooth user interface and extraordinary features, you will not look anywhere else for online text code editing.

Features of SublimeText

  • Auto-completion of text
  • Select multiple words, lines, and columns
  • Fast code editor
  • Slick and interactive UI

7.   Mocha

It is a feature-packed JS testing tool that runs on NodeJS. It allows the users to perform asynchronous testing that offers flexibility and accuracy in terms of mapping and reporting.

Features of Mocha

  • Asynchronous testing
  • A quick and easy setup
  • Provides source map support
  • Test coverage reporting

Wrapping up

This article has covered seven top-class and widely used AngularJS tools to speed up your development process. Apart from these, many other names might prove helpful to you as per your requirements.

However, to make the best use of these tools, you need some quality advice from experts who are familiar with them. Therefore, it would be better to hire Angular developers who are well-versed with all these JS frameworks and tools to develop a robust business web app for you.


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