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Witnessing the massive success of the iPhone 12, which was released six months back and was an instant hit among the masses, Apple is planning to release the iPhone 13. The company plans to launch 4 distinct versions of this new phone and are expected to be released under the nametags of iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The company said it would follow this format because, with the launch of the iPhone 12, the company noticed a profit of $28.8 billion, which is up 30% from the same last year. The sales grew more than 17% from the previous year.

The company is yet to announce the launch event dates and other specifications related to the new phone, some features and details about the new iPhone 13 have surfaced. You can find additional info on top iPhone app development by going through the website. Some expected specification about the new iPhone 13 is mentioned in the article.

● Concept of portless iPhone

The concept of a portless iPhone is a huge thing. If the company can introduce such a product, it would make Apple the flag bearer to push out a mainstream, consumer-ready smartphone that contains no ports. Various rumors regarding the development of such a product by the company are surfacing on the internet.

Thus, it is safe to predict that there’s a fair chance of it happening. Regardless of the company moving forward and introducing the portless feature, it would only be on the pro version this year.

● Expected name

The rumor lurking on the internet suggests that Apple is looking forward to introducing the iPhone 13 as a slightly improved version of the existing iPhone 12. This is the reason the company is planning to go with the iPhone 12S naming scheme in place of the iPhone 13.

But the rumors can be wrong, and the company will introduce a complete product with a whole new name under the brand of iPhone.  So, it’s better to keep your fingers crossed and buy a new phone.

● Overall Design

No significant design alteration is expected to be seen in the iPhone 13. The company plans to incorporate the novelties of the existing iPhone 12 and the flat-sided design parameters of the iPhone 5 within the new product. There will be some minor tweaks in the bodywork, and as mentioned earlier, we could expect a smaller notch with a relocated earpiece.

The dimensions of the screen will be varied according to the model. The phone will be available with the following screen sizes – 6.1 inches screen for iPhone 13, 5.4 inches screen for iPhone 13 Mini, 6.1 inches screen for iPhone 13 Pro, 6.7 inches screen for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

● Providing a smaller notch

We have come across various reports suggesting that iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12S) will possess a smaller notch. Several prototypes are floating around, among which some contain a stubbier notch, some have a shorter notch, and other prototypes have no difference in the existing dimensions of the notch.

At present, the company is probably still deciding on how to handle the notch for their next line of iPhones. According to our suggestion, there is a 50% chance of no improvement to the notch, a 15% chance of the notch being a thinner one, and a 35% chance the notch will be shorter in size.

The phone will be available with the following screen sizes – 6.1 inches screen for iPhone 13, 5.4 inches screen for iPhone 13 Mini, 6.1 inches screen for iPhone 13 Pro, 6.7 inches screen for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

● Display feature

The iPhone 12 phone of the Apple Company came with an OLED display, and the next phone, which the company will introduce, is expected to include an upgraded display. The rumors suggest that iPhone 13 will consist of a 120Hz monitor.

The refresh rate will be much higher, and the new iPhone will provide a smoother scrolling experience with an optimized display setup. The 120Hz feature is expected to be included in the Pro models only; the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will come with the standard 60Hz.

● Processor

The processor specification of the introductory iPhone 13 is almost inevitable. The new model will be equipped with an A15 Bionic chipset, a 5nm processing provision. The A15 processor is supposed to improve the performance of the new phone while ensuring higher battery life for future iPhone models.

All models of iPhone 13 are expected to be 5G compatible. The storage capacity for the high-end models will be increased; we expect the high-end phones will have a storage capacity of up to 1TB.

● Camera setup

The camera setup for the new iPhone 13 is expected to see some significant advancements. The camera feature of the existing iPhone 12 series models is more than desired. The company will continue to deliver on to such high expectations and push the boundaries further, introducing an ultra-wide camera feature and an f/1.8 aperture.

There are websites with additional info on top iPhone app development, which solidify this prediction. The phones could also feature a periscopic lens with a telephoto camera to provide lossless 5X zoom. All iPhone 13 models will include a LiDAR sensor introduced in iPad Pros in March.

● Release Date and Pricing

There are no specific release dates on the charts yet regarding the release of the iPhone 13. However, some experts predict that something about the same will be known by September 2021. In the year 2020, the launch event of the iPhone 13 was already delayed due to the unprecedented difficulties amidst the COVID pandemic.

No such delays will happen in the year 2021. The price range will be around the existing iPhone 12 with some minor changes due to the features.


All the details mentioned above provide you with some idea about what to expect from Apple in their next iPhone 13. There is still time for things to be altered, and Apple is still finalizing stuff. Now the only thing you can do is wait for an official statement from the company itself.

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