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In an air spring suspension system, airbags are like the lungs that provide air. And the controller is the brain that controls actions and reactions. The whole system is connected through airlines, which makes them the veins.

Then air suspension compressor is served as the heart. Once the heartbreaks down, the whole system fails. Vigorairride air suspensions can provide your vehicle air ride suspension system with a strong heart.

Since we know the importance of an air compressor to the whole suspension system, good maintenance is necessary. However, air ride compressors have a finite service period, ranging from 3 to 10 years. It varies from model to model, and also depends on other factors. When the air compressor performs poorly, it’s time to change it for a new compressor.

All about air compressor replacement: why, when, where, how to and how much

Air suspension compressor

The Air compressor is the air supplier for an air suspension system. By using airbags with compressed air inside, the air suspension compressor enables air suspension to function properly. It helps to give you a smoother and softer ride. Also with pressurized air, these adjustable airbags are able to distribute your vehicle’s weight evenly.

Why do you need to replace an air suspension compressor?

It is mainly for your comfort and safety. Were it not for the air compressor, the air spring suspension won’t work. If there’s no air suspension system, your ride is more likely to be terrible. Your handling is becoming harder, and the road seems to be bumpier than usual. It could be dangerous in some emergencies.

And for another reason, changing the old compressor helps avoid further damages to other vehicle components. Without air suspension working properly, no airbags to help support the vehicle, and the vibration is going to harm other parts. In return, it helps you save money as your car is well maintained.

When to replace an air compressor?

Some distinct signs can tell you when an air compressor is not working properly anymore. Those issues include lower ride height than usual, abnormal noises while driving, compressor being unable to turn on. To put it in a simple way, when it starts to fail, you’d better replace it.

Driving with a bad air suspension compressor gives you nothing but a bumpy ride. Also, it could be dangerous because it will be hard to handle your car. Worse still, vibrations could lead to serious damages to other components of your car. And it is going to cost you more money. To sum up, have it replaced once it’s broken. Otherwise, it is going to be uncomfortable, dangerous, and costly.

Where to get air suspension compressors?

You may feel a little overwhelmed when trying to find an air compressor for your airbags suspension. Don’t worry; you’re the only one who has this kind of problem.

Many people find it a good choice to get a compressor from the aftermarket. And they install it themselves as well. Well, that will save you quite a lot. But some individuals are worried worry about the quality.

There’s no need to, though. Aftermarket suspension components provide good quality parts just as good as the original ones. You can pick a suitable one and get your hands dirty.

Steps to replace an air compressor

How do you replace the current air suspension compressor when it is failing? You can find a lot of videos about this on YouTube or somewhere else. Here we show a brief look at this process.

Before you start, you need to have basic hand tools (jack, jack stand, sockets, and ratchet, etc.) and a scan tool. Also for safety purposes, you are suggested to wear some protection for your eyes.

Detailed steps to remove the current compressor:

  1. Switch the ignition on.
  2. Let go of the air pressure. Open the vent valve with the scan tool to release air pressure from the airlines. Close the vent valve after all air is gone out of the airlines.

Warning: Before disconnecting or uninstalling any air suspension components, make sure that the air spring suspension system is completely deflated. Otherwise, you could end up with a bad personal injury.

  1. Switch the ignition off.
  2. Disconnect the compressor dryer’s airline. A push-to-connect fitting links the airline to the compressor. Pull the airline out of the dryer by pressing and holding the fast disconnect lock ring.
  3. Disconnect the electrical connector. To split the connector halves, some lock release tabs require a minor dragging movement while others need you to press to unlock it. Pull the two halves of the connector apart by depressing the tab.

Note: Some connectors may need extra force to be separated.

  1. Uninstall the compressor. You may find 3 or 4 bolts that hold the compressor to the vehicle. Remove the bracket bolts, and then disconnect the air compressor and bracket assembly from the vehicle.

Brief steps to install a new air compressor: (We’ll discuss this process in detail in another article.)

  1. Install the new compressor and the bracket assembly into your automobile.
  2. Link the electrical connector to the air ride compressor.
  3. Install the airlines into the air dryer.

Is it expensive to replace an air ride compressor?

To some extent, it is. How much does it cost to replace an air ride compressor? As is widely known, an air suspension system costs more than a traditional one. The cost of replacing one air ride compressor varies, depending on models and quality.

The expenses may range from one hundred to five hundred or even more. Some even reach around one thousand US dollars. The costs include two parts: labor and parts cost. Labor costs are about one hundred US dollars while the component itself is hundreds or around one thousand. That is very costly.

No matter how well you try to maintain the air suspension compressor, natural wear and tear is happening. When you suspect there’s something wrong with your air ride compressor, you can have your vehicle examined by a technician. Or you can do it yourself if you follow the steps above.

As a start of your DIY, you can buy an air ride compressor from the aftermarket. The aftermarket provides all kinds of choices. Vigor air suspensions company is ready to give you some of their best options.

They give high-quality air compressors and considerate services. With their assistance, you can get an air compressor and have your vehicle problems solved.


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