5 Things to Look for in a Rental Listing


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Are you looking for an apartment? We have got the perfect solutions for you on how to look for a perfect apartment of your choice. Whether it is short-term rentals or you are about to travel for work, we have the best tips available for you to look for while looking for a rental listing.

You might think that it is not a very daunting task, but experienced people always know that you have to carefully select your short-term rentals for a variety of reasons. Firstly, obviously, you are paying for it. Secondly, some features and amenities might be hidden from you or some might be overexaggerated. Neighborhoods and distance are also extremely important while looking for short-term rentals.

Before you start looking for an apartment, there are 5 things you should always keep in mind for a hassle-free stay and a lovely experience.

1. Pay attention to the details

Don’t just jump into the photographs and get mesmerized by the beauty of the listings. Before signing anything or making a booking, make sure you have all the facts right. Firstly, the description should always mention the specific number of bedrooms provided in the property. Terms like open one-bedroom or junior one-bedrooms should be avoided in the description. If there is one, contact the owner and know specifically what the shoer term rentals have to offer.

Moreover, if you are traveling to a new city, the neighborhood always plays a big role. Do your own research into the area your property is located. Find out its connectivity to other central areas of the city, time taken, and the approximate cost of daily travel. All this might not be provided in the listing itself, so you have to do your own research here.

2. Policies of the rental

Terms and conditions are often something every internet user skips. Why not? They seem boring, full of legal analogy and terms that you don’t understand. But sometimes it is extremely important to go through them. They contain the policy of short-term rentals and through them, you get to know what activities are allowed, not allowed, specifics and liabilities if any. For example, a maximum number of people allowed, recent renovations, pets policy, parking availability, damages, repairs, etc. You might want to know about these in advance before making your decision.

If you don’t want to, or can’t understand the terms of the policy provided, ask the owner to explain them to you, or alternatively ask your lawyer friend to explain them to you. But never skip it, it is not a good option. Any future disputes will be governed through these policies and if you don’t read them well, you’ll be on the losing end.

3. Proper amenities

Different short-term rentals have different amenities. If you want to travel for work purposes or vacation purposes, there are some amenities you might need for sure. For example, a kitchen, a garden, private parking, wifi, etc. Other than that, amenities such as plenty of windows, terrace, fully-equipped kitchens, private outdoor spaces, patios, swimming pools, barbecue facilities are also provided. You can look for short-term rentals with these amenities at vacation saga also. You will find a plethora of property listings from all around the world with world-class entities and good prices for you.

4. Costs

One of the most important things to consider in a rental listing is the costs. When you looking for a property, make sure that the landlord has cut down and categorized each and every cost for your explanation. For example, they should be ideally divided into a monthly rental, deposits, utilities, one-time fees, parking fees, etc. Moreover, if pets are allowed, are there any extra fees for that? Is there any fee for the wifi? What is the provision of damages and repairs, and who is supposed to pay for them? All these particulars should be provided. Even if they are not provided, you can ask for the differentiation from the landlord during your conversation.

Don’t just jump on to a listing because it looks cheap, there may be added expenses later on. So make sure you know everything before signing an agreement with them.

5. Proper photos and descriptions

Don’t just focus on the photos. They can be edited, photoshopped, etc. Make sure that before booking, you have access to recent photos of the property, that too unedited. No extra light, vibrancy, just plain simple good quality normal photos which might help you realize the real state of the property. There might be some walls that are damp, windows were broken that are not shown in the listing, ask the landowner to send each and every photo of every corner of the home. Or even better, if you can visit the place once before booking.

That is not possible when you want to travel, so it is always better to ask for real and candid photos.

Now that you know what to look for in a rental listing, and what actions to take before booking, nothing should stop you from booking your favorite place. Visit vacation saga property listings, put down the country of your choice ad get thousands of listings of that country. You can talk to the landlord, see the pictures, read about the amenities there, and pick out your favorite one from the site.


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