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9 Ways to Win Over Your Competitor Hotel


Hotel industry competition is just getting tougher with each passing day. You always need to be on top of what your competitors are doing; to ensure you provide your guests with an incentive that tips their decision in your hotel’s favor.

Everything a hotel does to create value-adding factors for guests matters when it comes to attracting guests. This includes sourcing the best hotel supplies such as the best hotel towels USA has from DZEE Textiles, and more.

But how you let your customers know you are the best choice for them depends on your strategies to attract guests.

There are many ways hotels are using to win over guests, but we have identified the top 9 ways to win over your competitor hotel and increase guest retention.

Always remember, everyone is working hard to gain favors from travelers. If you don’t step start working on your guest attraction strategy, your competitor will take most of your business away.

1.     Highlight Your Hotel Strengths

You need to identify what are the strong points; of your hotel; which your guests would prefer in comparison to your competition hotel and don’t forget to highlight them.

Remember hotel industry competition is finding that one point even in things that are similar to those around them; to highlight how the same thing they’re offering is better than what the other hotel has to offer.

You have to ensure your guests know that even if things seem the same, they are better when you are the one hosting them.

2.     Know Your Target Guests

Hotel industry competition is divided amongst various guest types; if you don’t know who is the right guest for you, the chances of you losing business soar high.

You need to understand what guests your hotel property is best suited for. Whether you can handle families better, or businesses travelers, or solo travelers, or a mix of them.

When you know exactly who is the right fit for your hotel, you can market your hotel to them without any confusion.

3.     Better Website Than Competition Hotel

Hotel industry competition is majorly dependent on the ease of website use and simplicity of booking. If you have a complicated website, users are more likely to abandon their search and move on.

This is because users don’t have the time to spare and understand how things work. They would prefer visiting a website with a simple user interface that has all the information available in one place and allows booking at the same time.

4.     Up Your Hotel Marketing Game

Remember, out of all the 9 ways to win over your competitor hotel, nothing will be effective if your hotel is not visible to your potential guests. Your competition hotel may not be the best but because they are showing up online and you’re not, they will always receive more bookings.

You need to advertise and market yourself on all platforms available. This includes Google searches and social media. The more visible you are, the more chances you have of increasing bookings.

5.     Don’t Lose Your Existing Guest Base

Before losing yourself in the hotel industry competition to find new guests, you want to focus on your existing guest base. You need to provide them with incentives and rewards for choosing you over everyone else every time.

You don’t want them to forget about you or your competitor offering your guests something better than what you have to offer them. Their word of mouth holds a lot of value for you.

6.     Value Your Hotel Staff

Your competition hotel if has a more competent staff than yours will provide a better guest experience.  You want to be the best hotel employer and retain your hotel staff. They are the reason behind happy guests.

If you don’t have staff with the right experience and understanding of your hotel and guests; they will not be able to provide valuable service to them. So before focusing on your guests, do focus on those who help you make the best experience for those guests.

7.     Futuristic Thinking About Hotel Industry Competition

Don’t lose yourself in the now. Have a vision for your hotel and forecast what your guests need and what the traveling season would look like in a few months. You need to be ready for the future and think of things before anyone else does.

This will help you create the buzz and start early bookings before your competitor has even started thinking of what they want to do next. You should be ready with a plan for the coming six months, and keep thinking for the next six accordingly.

8.     Visually Appealing Than Competition Hotel

Hotel industry competition is very visual; remember, what guests see is exactly what sells. You need high-resolution images for your website and social media at all times.

Whether it is a simple hotel shot, a celebration, or just a post. Guests will first judge if they like what they see and then approach you. If your images are not attractive and your hotel doesn’t seem appealing but your competition has a visually appealing social presence; they will attract more guests than you.

9.     Paid Marketing Through Hotel Industry Competition

When it comes to standing out against your competition hotel, you need to take help from paid marketing tools. Paid ads on Google and sponsored posts help you reach a larger chunk of audiences.

Organic reach is limited, paid marketing always is more targeted and helps you reach more people in less time.

You can also have paid bloggers to visit and review your hotel. Different influencers when posting about a hotel, already have a follower’s base who are likely to listen to them and give you a chance. You need the right people and an allocated budget for this.

These 9 ways to win over your competitor’s hotel will help you stay ahead in the hotel industry competition. What is that one strength that puts you ahead of your competition hotel? Let us know in the comments below.



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