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9 ways to find the perfect meeting rooms

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A meeting room is an area that is usually reserved for people to meet, typically informally for meetings where issues can be discussed, priorities be set, and decisions are taken.

Meeting rooms come in different dimensions; they could be tiny enough for two people conducting an interview or large enough to accommodate a considerable amount of people to attend the launch of a new product.

Most large corporations will have several meeting rooms, but the space and availability are usually limited, and many companies have to book rooms outside.

Meeting rooms at Hotels and Conference centers can typically be booked for an hour, half-day, or the whole day. Facilities will offer refreshments and lunch when necessary for the delegates during the day.

9 ways to find the perfect meeting space

If you’re planning to hold a conference or training session that isn’t in your usual business location, it’s not a good idea to use an unprofessional or subpar venue. If you’re spending money for the usage of a conference room and you’re paying for it, it must be suitable for the purpose. In addition to being fitted with all the required furniture and fixtures, it has to convey a professional solid, professional feel. If the room does not meet this criterion, you might prefer to save cash and go to the staff canteen instead.

Each meeting space is not identical. Size and location are typically top priorities on the list of things that business executives use to determine their options for meeting rooms. But other aspects are equally crucial, if not more important. They are looking to assist business executives in finding the suitable meeting space that best suits their needs.

What is it that makes a good meeting space?

Here are nine essential features to make sure you have an area that you’ll want to use repeatedly:

Booking a Meeting Room-

Business professionals are extremely busy and need digital tools they can access anytime and from any device. In this case, they must reserve rooms from their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices or telephones. Therefore, they must use meeting room rental companies that allow users to book the conference and meeting spaces even when they’re out and about, whether in the office or at the airport or a client’s or buyer’s place of business.

Be honest about the number of tools available-

You know the organization and its structure. Consider whether a single tool for collaboration can meet your business’s requirements across multiple user bases. More likely, you’ll require various tools to create the ideal environment for conspiracy for your business.

Although tool sprawl is undoubtedly not a problem for departments in IT, a lack of choices can cause problems. We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your meeting tools to ensure they function in a way that creates an improved meeting experience. coworking spaces in Delhi provide the best service and tools.

Viewing a Business Meeting Room-

Like we would like to know the way something appears before purchasing it (think the number of times we buy and return items bought on Amazon through Amazon Prime Members), Business leaders also should be aware of what a room they have rented appears like.

Since it is not possible to look at the meeting space before booking, business owners need to be able to see a glimpse of the room before reviewing the rental options and making reservations. Photos may be insufficient, and videos that provide an immersive view are more beneficial. Meeting rooms don’t have to be a standard-fits-all, and business owners must evaluate and choose meeting spaces based on the reason for the event (prospect or customer gathering and staff training, all-hands meetings, etc.).

Consider the long and short-term strategy-

Since meeting technology is used to streamline the entire business, your choice of technology should have a strategic alignment with the short and longer-term infrastructure for IT and staffing plans.

To do this, consult with all the relevant teams about the collaboration and rooms they utilize, the features they require, the features they would prefer to have, and their goals for improvement as time passes. Understanding which teams collaborate with who and when will allow you to make the ideal space configuration and technology integration. Given the complexity of current IT infrastructures and environments, it will also ensure that you don’t need an entirely new solution in the next few years.

Multiple Engagement Options-

When evaluating and booking meeting rooms, executives often require assistance. This could be a simple question regarding room layouts or booking rules and policies. Sometimes it could be that they require help finding a conference space or room that matches their needs for the meeting. While telephone support is undoubtedly an essential option for engagement, other channels are necessary in the modern world: live chat on the web and self-service: mobile application or even text.

Embrace analytics-

The new meeting software must include analytics that allows facility managers to understand and enhance the meeting experience over time. This involves analysing data on the frequency with which rooms are used and booked, as well as scheduled and then abandoned (aka”zombie meetings”). Analytics can show how frequently video endpoints are being used by remote participants or conducting presentations and can also reveal how many people are typically present at meetings. This type of information allows facilities to make the most of the layout of physical space to improve collaboration and efficiency.

Although WWT utilizes Teem software to collect these kinds of information, there are a variety of competitors to consider, including Crestron Fusion, Robin, and Steelcase Room Scheduling, as well as other options. The most appropriate solution will depend on factors such as whether you lease or own your home as well as the place of your office. coworking space in Gurgaon is very effective to choose meeting rooms.

Fully utilize the cloud-

Is our video conferencing a priority for your company? We certainly felt it was for WWT’s management when we revamped our video conference system. With the trend of on-prem infrastructure being eliminated across different industries, ensuring your infrastructure is in place for cloud-based services is essential.

A well-thought-out UC strategy is required to fully realize the potential of the cloud in your business, particularly if you’re trying to get out of the telephone to conduct business or expand the number of meeting rooms with video endpoints. The more endpoints you connect, the more bandwidth you’ll require, which means that you’ll need more excellent or more reliable connections with the Internet.

Facilitate various methods to sign up-

To make the transition more accessible to the new platform, users who are already on the forum must be able to choose from a wide range of connections. For instance, please don’t believe you can cut off meetings that require a toll-free number since it’s outdated. Although removing old systems in bulk might be tempting for savings, you’re more likely to discover that some employees continue to use and rely on having access to the same alternatives. We recommend taking these issues seriously and assessing the user experience of everyone in the company.

Online Integration of Calendars with Meetings for Business-

The days of meeting planners that were physically based are over, and busy business professionals rely entirely on their digital calendars. Therefore, your meeting room provider should be able to accommodate the different calendaring options, including Google, Microsoft 365, Exchange, etc.


The last thing business owners look for in meetings is that attendees believe they’re wasting time. By following the nine suggestions when deciding on the location of a forum, Business leaders will be able to avoid the flaws that can be found in meetings and cause meetings a “bad reputation.” Now having learned what you need to think about when booking a room for a meeting, learn what Davinci Rooms can help you book an appointment. Rooms can assist you with booking a meeting room today by calling us now.



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