6 ways to take care of your clothes and make them last longer


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If you want your favorite outfits to stay longer, these 6 simple tricks will help you bring home the style without having to worry about wasting money on new clothes.

Instead, you’ll have a closet full of things that stay in great shape for years. 

Before moving towards the tips, ensure to buy garments that fit well and are appropriate for the environment in which they will be worn, as this will protect them from wear and tear. 

For example, spandex, wool, and other natural fabrics are better than synthetic ones because they don’t break down quickly. In addition, you can purchase garments that are made of one color or have finishes on the seams that help them hold up over time. 

This article provides tips that will help clothes’ shine stay longer. Let’s have a look at these handy tips. 

1 Clean your Clothes Properly

The initial tip is to clean your clothes frequently and correctly, as not doing so can damage fibers and cause colors to fade. To get the best results when washing clothes, avoid using chlorine bleach or strong detergents high in alkalinity. Instead, use a gentler detergent along with oxygen-based bleaches. Try lemon juice or white vinegar if you don’t have oxygen bleach on hand.


For efficient use of lemon juice or white vinegar, follow the below steps.  

How to use lemon juice for a mild bleaching effect? 

  • Lemon juice works excellent with baking soda or salt to remove some spots. 
  • Take 1/3 lemon juice and 2/3 cup water to use as bleach. Once the stains fade, wash your clothes up till stains are removed.  

Some fabrics are sensitive and lose their color. Therefore, it is better to apply this remedy to the fabric’s hidden area to check whether it harms that fabric and its color or not. 

How to use White vinegar to cut grease? 

White vinegar is another remedy similar to lemon juice for removing stains. 

  • It is better to reduce yellow or brown spots. For this, take an equal quantity of white vinegar and water. 
  • Drop a small amount of undiluted white vinegar and rub gently with a sponge for a delicate touch.  

2 Store your Clothes Properly

The second tip is to store clothes properly. Poor hanging or folding can lead to creasing and damage. It is better to hang the clothes of the same color together. After washing, don’t let the clothes of the same color hang together to avoid color damage. 

3 Put Your Clothes In Dryer

The third tip is to avoid putting clothes in the dryer. It will shrink the fabric, and clothes age prematurely. If you must dry clothes in the dryer, use a low-heat setting. In this way, your clothes won’t get affected by high heat. And don’t over-dry clothes.

If you hang your clean clothes outside, be careful to avoid retaining stains likewise anime hoodies for mens from tree sap and bird droppings. Also, when drying clothes outdoors, placing them in the shade will avoid fading. 

Why is the low-heating of dryer better? 

  • Although drying at low-heat settings take more time, it doesn’t disturb the durability of clothes. Moreover, in a low-heat, dryer consumes less energy. This means that a low-heat setting lets clothes stay comfortable and durable for a long time and reduces energy costs. 
  • Due to washing on a high-heat setting, color and fabric quality fade over time. These clothes rip more quickly due to high heat actions for a long. 
  • High-heat settings are dangerous not only for clothes but for you too. High heat can cause a fire in the laundry. Aside from clothes, it will destroy the dryer too. More care is required in the high-heating setting than the low-heat setting. 

If you want your clothes to stay durable for a long time, it is better to wash in low-heat settings. So what do you think now? 

4. Laundering with Appropriate Detergent

Tip number four is to take care of your clothes when you are laundering them by using the appropriate detergent and line drying to avoid shrinkage. 

To keep them in better condition when washing or drying them, invest in a mesh laundry bag. The investment is small, but the benefits are enormous! Several people have tried this strategy and found that it lengthens the clothes’ life, and clothes stay comfortable for a long. Another easy tip is to add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle.  

5. Take care of your clothes

Tip number five is to take care of your clothes when you iron them by using an adequate iron setting while avoiding repeated heat exposure.

Know when to get rid of your clothes. If you are a fashion trailblazer, these foolproof tips will keep you looking great. You should wear a specific closet no more than six times to look fantastic. 

6. Repair Small Holes

The sixth tip is to repair small holes before they become large ones. It is a final tip, which is about stitching small holes properly. Be sure to have clothes fitted adequately by a professional tailor. If you aren’t okay with stitching small holes properly, try these steps to let it go in the right way. 

  • Take a needle and thread of the same color as your cloth. Now, flip it inside out. 
  • Put the thread into the needle to start repairing it. Be sure to tie a knot at the end. 
  • Start stitching the hole from the right side. 
  • Go side to side to close the small gaps, and finally, you’ll reach the other side for a final touch. 
  • Now again, flip your shirt and check the stitched place. You’ll find this stitched place noticeable. If it looks somehow noticeable, don’t worry; you are not a professional tailor. For a better touch, ask the tailor to perform this small task. 

It will be more noticeable if you are trying it for the first time. But, you can stitch this type of small gap at home as it doesn’t require any specific specialty. 

Final Words! 

Your suit requires a bit of thing from your side if you want your clothes to stay comfortable and bright for a long. check our online apparel shop for these types of clothes that make longer.

If you follow these tips, your apparel will last longer and so will your wallet. It’s a win-win!

What do you think of these tips? Let us know in the comments below! 


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