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In this digital world majority of people are connected to digital media either on desktop or hand-held design. And in terms of the number of users, both platforms have a massive audience. For web pages, desktops are good for quick access.

In comparison, the purpose of SharePoint development is to give you a better user experience. To provide you with easy access right from your hand from any compact device.

Whenever you want and where ever you want. Developing an excellent design for a sharepoint application is always a big challenge because it’s the central core of the sharepoint application, grabbing a user’s attention. The main concentration of a good sharepoint app is to have better clarity and precise focus right on the option or features.

A boring design and draggy option can lead the user to a bad experience with the mobile app. And in the end, you will lose users, and your entire hard work will transform into scrap.

And we experience this thing in our daily lives. So, for example, we just left the sharepoint application just because of the user interface (UI), or in simple words, you can say the design of the SharePoint app.

Let’s clear it more; there are so many tiles matching puzzle games in the market. And all of them have the same rules and algorithms. But few of them get in the mainstream. The reason behind this is the design of the sharepoint application the beautiful UI of the application.

Many sharepoint companies are working on their UI designing. So, a user can get an excellent user experience from it.

Lacking UI is like you have your work done but with some worst service. If you want better tips on sharepoint app designing, see the portfolio of SharePoint Development Company.

Before developing a Sharepoint app, do deep research on the UI and get the best tips for SharePoint development company.

Keep a responsive design.

The application should understand the difference between sizes of screen. The first thing is that design should be compatible with an extensive range of devices because every mobile phone company has its own UI and screen cutouts.

Even some smartphone manufacturer of the same brand builds different sizes, shapes, refresh rates, and resolutions. To make a design that also matches the high refresh rate of the display. Because having a famous platform doesn’t matter to the consumer. What does matter is the design would be responsive.

That’s why Apple and Google are the most renowned brand in the world. Apart from features and functionality. These two famous brands always work on responsive design. To make it minimal and complete the application compact.

Align your design on a grid

Enable the grid; it will help you while designing a SharePoint app. The grid can be your source to aligning your icon or option. You can measure the space acquired by a specific Icon and how far you put another option next to it from the grid.

You will get to know the negative space on your sheet with the help of a grid. So, you can make a better composition. So, your application will be neat and well organized in terms of layout. In pre-designing, it will show the look and feel of your application.

You can precisely visualize your application before the design elements are completed. From the grid, you can ensure the pictures and text don’t overlap with each other. Make a margin so you can define and set the aesthetic of rearranging on the grid as well.

From gird, you can exactly know what size you should select for the application. Griding can help you to make a balance between the picture and its description. Because who wants an application with misaligned text and bent out-of-shape images in the SharePoint application.

Don’t make random color choices.

This is the most critical factor of SharePoint app designing. Don’t fluke on deciding a color. In the end, the results will be crucial. Always pick the suitable color theme that represents the motive of your app and your brand. The gradient should be that efficient or bold as if someone sees some kind of color combination anywhere. That will remind them about your application.

All colors you are using in your app design need to have a clear purpose. Please don’t make the color over bright or too punching because it won’t catch the viewer’s focus.

It should attract the viewer. Make a balance between contrast and saturation to make it more prominent. Now we are also experiencing HDR+ supports in our screens. So, color grade according to it that would match that feature. Same as what we talked about earlier. If you are sticking with what will work. Grade standard color links for your buttons.

For example, for an existing button, grade it with red. And if anything is for confirmation or okay, then put the green color in it. Or you can take references from color wheel algorithms for more help.

Because if you will not work according to a standard color association. The idea you are pursuing won’t be effective for the user. And the results will be suffering to a failed application.

Keep it simple.

Make the design minimal to make an app user-friendly. Don’t put options in the option. It will get fussy and take a lot of time while app designing a developing. Because if it complicates your design, the application could take longer to load.

And this thing should also be considered. Come with smart ideas, not complex ideas. And in terms simple, that doesn’t mean your design should be super basic. And it’s now even about to go over the top. Like, don’t complex it with the user interface. Keep in mind that most users will be experiencing or using your application on their small devices.

So, take inspiration from it. Like the world is moving and loving to use portable and compact devices. So, your design should be that simple. Keep your focus on one-touch work done strategy.

But that doesn’t mean put everything into a small single place and expect it to work. Put a smooth and pleasant transition between every operation.  Every user interface component must be taken into consideration for productivity.

Simple design keeps the users engaged in the application. Avoid too many whistles and bells to distract users. Because in the end, the results will be negative. And it will impact the user experience of your mobile app.


The first thing to keep in mind if you want to follow the professional norms avoid fancy text in your application because concentration is not about to keep engaging a user in your application or attracting them. If about how many users understanding your idea. It shows the maturity level of your company.

And deciding on the proper typographical aspect is quite a tricky part. And typography in a mobile application requires vast attention to put details using the appropriate fonts, negative space, and, most importantly, alignment. Keep in mind that your content should be readable and understandable, too, while designing a UI for mobile applications.

For example, the heading of any particular section has to be all in capital letters, or it could be. Then in the description, switch back to regular capitalization rules. Like after the full stop, the word will start from capital letters.

Some specific terms should be all letter capital letters with punctuations. For separation barrier, you can make text bold or underline it. Use contrasting colors if you want to enhance some specific term.

Or go for some other easy technique to distinguish one line from another.  You can also use pictures or break pages. But go over the top for every single line of text.


  • Emphasize the font size. Every font size should be of the optimum size. Keep in mind anything smaller than 16px won’t be easy to read.
  • Put the word which represents the mood of the application. It should be easy to read.

Declutter UI

Clarity is something that should represent each element from your application, either it’s from the developing side or the designing side. So, make a clutter-free user interface for your sharepoint UI design. Don’t exaggerate your mobile application by putting so many components like images, buttons, and text because this will make your application complicated and not easy to use.

Clutter is something that can take your sharepoint application in disaster. Keep it minimal and simple. Otherwise, the user will face difficulty concentrating on sending messages briefly and clearly.

Because comparing with desktops, the mobile screen has less estate. So better to get rid of elements that are not required. Put on the user, Why they should choose your application? And for doing that, make your user interface as unremarkable as you can.


Don’t take the designing part for granted. Because this is from the people can attract. So, it’s essential to keep all of the design best practices in mind before going on board.

Also, do research as much as you can to get the best tips for sharepoint application designing.


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