5 famous Foods you should try in in Dubai expo 2020


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Are you a Malaysian food fanatic and worried about where to get it in Dubai? Relax as this city offers a bunch of dining options for Malaysian food. There is no second thought that Dubai takes pride in offering the widest array of international cuisines; thus, everyone gets food according to his/her taste in this developed city.

In recent times, Malaysian cuisine has got huge popularity in Dubai and now a large number of western tourists also prefer eating delicious Malaysian dishes.

Another reason for its popularity is its attribute of being budget-friendly; thus, people from every walk of life prefer it in Dubai. You also find that it is the healthiest lunch option for workers in this leading tourist destination.

As the Expo 2020 Dubai has started, so now is the time for restaurants and hotels to come up with different deals and offers to attract foreign tourists and let them enjoy the widest range of cuisines in Dubai.

You should visit this world’s biggest event where you get a chance to interact with top entrepreneurs and business leaders from every single sector. That is not all about it as you can also watch various cultural shows in this exhibition but before that you should ensure that you get Expo 2020 Dubai Voucher.

As you are fond of eating Malay cuisine, so this blog helps you to find the best places for eating Malaysian food in Dubai. Followings are those spots, so note down all of them and enjoy quality food.


Let’s kick off with this noticeable name when it comes to offering Malay cuisine in Dubai at affordable rates. You should start your journey of trying Malaysian food in Dubai with this perfect place.

It is situated at Oud Metha and it aims to serve quality food to its valued customers. It offers the widest range of Malay dishes and the most famous ones are Ayam, pataya, and nasi goreng kampung.

While visiting this hub of Malaysian food, you should also try its noodle-based options that are very popular. All these attributes make it inevitable to visit this spot to eat quality Malay dishes.

As the Expo 2020, Dubai has just begun, so it has also paved a way for lots of Asian delegations to arrive in Dubai and that can be the target audience for various Malaysian restaurants.

2.     MAMAK

This restaurant should also be on your bucket list for enjoying Malaysian food in Dubai. It also never brings a huge burden on your pocket, so think of visiting it with your friends.

If you talk about its leading dishes, so they are popiah Goreng, rojak, mee hoon goreng, oxtail soup, and much more. Its chefs are highly experienced to cook delicious Malay foods that also attract western tourists in Dubai.

Its chefs also focus on using high-quality ingredients because it is the key factor to cook tasty food for its valuable customers. Yes, you should visit it for a quality dinner within your confined budget.

3.     YUM

You can also not overlook this ideal restaurant where you do not only find Malay cuisine, in fact; you can also try Thai, Singaporean, and Indonesian cuisines.

Yes, it is also pocket-friendly and after visiting it once, you will become its loyal customers because it offers quality and tasty Asian food in Dubai.

To enjoy the awesome fusion of all the mentioned cuisines, you should visit YUM and get an unmatched meal at this international tourist destination.

While having a nice meal there, you should make sure that you try nasi goreng that is made of eggs, carrots, baby corn, and fried rice. It is indeed the perfect place for developing a taste of Asian food in Dubai; thus, tourists from every corner of the world visit it and enjoy diversified Asian cuisines.

4.     TOSHI

Everyone is familiar with this famous name that has confined its efforts to serve quality Malaysian food in Dubai at reasonable rates. It also ensures to use of quality ingredients and it develops a great taste in every single dish.

While digging out its menu, you find soups, salads, noodles, and the special dish, consisting of crispy chicken. Stop thinking anymore and get ready to visit this awesome place with your loved ones.

After enjoying the quality meal there, you should also consider trying its famous green tea ice cream as well as mango tart; the most-ordered desserts in this specific Malaysian restaurant in Dubai.

The delicious Malay cuisine in this spot compels you to visit it regularly to enjoy healthy and tasty food without spending a huge amount of money.

You also find that a large majority of locals visit TOSHI with families to enjoy awesome Malaysian dishes at lunch and dinner, making it the strongest consideration.


It is another perfect pick when it comes to Malaysian food in Dubai and it is also the budget-friendly option, so plan to visit it and enjoy the tasty Malaysian cuisine.

Every dish in its menu has a unique taste and that turns every visitor into a loyal customer. While visiting this place, you find that it has both outdoor and indoor seating, making it a more attractive place to eat quality Malaysian food in this world’s best tourist destination.

By its name, one can easily judge that its chefs are highly expert in cooking delicious noodles but other than that, you should also try its nasi goreng.

Its experienced chefs focus on using only quality ingredients; thus, they succeed to satisfy its valued customers. As it is pocket-friendly, so it is also the ideal lunch option for workers in the city.

Wrapping it up

The abovementioned are some ideal dining spots for eating delicious Malaysian cuisine in Dubai. They are the best ones if anyone wishes to develop a taste for this particular cuisine of the world.


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