15 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Smartphone


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While purchasing a mobile phone the crucial thing is the function for what you are buying it [play video games, enjoying videos, listening songs, etc.] according to that you must have a look at following points,

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Things to think about for finding out the very best mobile phone overall:

Budget plan

Yeah, the budget plan is the initial and among one of the most important elements, yet it must not compromise the quality of the item.

But another thing I wish to underline is that if you wish to purchase a satisfactory mobile phone for all your needs; your budget plan must have a little bit more flexibility.

Operating System

Android, iOS & Windows are the most preferred os in the market. The Nougat is the most recent steady Android OS that supports fingerprint authentication, much better battery life & uses pay choice. Along with this, the latest Android Oreo has much better multitasking & multi-windows capability.

All the iPhones have iOS which are the most advanced appearance and have a variety of functions contrasted to Android. Windows are still developing so better to pick an Android version of OS because of customization as well as much better adaptability in applications.

RAM & Processor

If you want to buy a mobile especially for searching intent like for Facebook & WhatsApp like applications, then mobile with 2GB RAM & the dual-core processor is fine but also for more performance, you need to contend least 4GB RAM and also high-speed processors like Quad-core, Octa-core, or recently launched Snapdragon 810 & 820.

A smartphone with Snapdragon 820 processor and 6GB RAM has great speed for games and has actually boosted multitasking ability.

Storage space capability

In today’s generation of HD & 4k videos you need to have more interior in addition to expandable outside storage features and also it is the reason that the mobile phones include 16GB/32GB space. The internal storage space capacity together with expanding up to 64GB and even 128GB is the favored mobile device.

The majority of the Apple iPhones have minutes. 16GB internal storage space these days & do not have a place for external storage space which resists expanding storage space capability. Whereas on the other hand, Android phones come with a special port for external SD cards having memory expandable equalize to 128GB that you can go relying on your need.

Battery Back-upBattery Back-up

Minimum 8 hrs battery back-up is necessary. Battery endurance is basically much more important when you play high-resolution video games or view HD/4k videos on mobile.

The battery life should be 3000/4000 mAh min.


When it takes selfies. Oh for such a reason a mobile phone should have an 8MP/13MP camera. However if you are not thinking about taking pictures and/or shooting video clips regularly and looking only for various other required features then a 5MP camera is often helpful.

Moreover, the Apple iPhone 6s & 6s plus have an f/2.2 aperture which is higher than some Android phones as they have f/1.7 aperture obtaining their dual-pixel camera to apply quickly and fast autofocus activity & to take impressive photos.

Service provider

Nowadays most importantly mobile phones come with GSM 4G slots which give versatility and also are great network provider, but on the other hand, CDMA phone has much better voice top quality and also have even more affordable plans for the particular carrier, yet those phones keep up CDMA cards just.

Internet [Wi-fi, 2G/3G/4G]

Your mobile phone should have Wi-Fi connectivity. For much better, quicker internet browsing, it ought to be a 3G/4G function.

The 4G LTE will certainly give the very best quick experience for all your downloading needs.


Sometimes you may want to have a lightweight mobile or heavy mobile, however that does not disrupt the high quality of the item.

Screen Dimension.

The majority of suitable and an average size of the display dimension is 5.5″. Tablets have a larger display size, so they are useful for multitasking job, playing higher video games, watching HD video clips, however due to their plus size, they are hard to manage with one hand & gets troublesome to bring. For that reason a display screen varying from 4.5 to 5.3 inches works.


For much better picture quality the display resolution should be 720p min & for finest experience 1920×1080. Ideal selling apple iPhone displays are still running by the optimum of 1929×1080.

Comparatively, Android phones have obtained more resolution than this. Samsung A8 comes with 2560×1440 whereas Sony Experia Z5 has 4k (3840×2160) resolution.

Connection to USB Pendrives or Television.

The mobile phone should have a connection port to connect pen drives so that you can watch & enjoy the video clips & pictures saved on it. That can help to conserve space on phone & SD card. It ought to get connected to the television also in a simple method.

Application Compatibility

A lot of the time, it is seen that rate of interest stick to new mobile for simply one month or even more, and then individuals utilized to use it with a daily regimen. However, the compatibility of the application keeps your interest for a long time.

Android has the biggest market having countless applications compared to Windows, iOS or BlackBerry application store. A variety of apps makes you try new points and find the hidden features of your mobile phone.

Brand Matters More than Features.

I have seen lots of goes with features that have less expense, but they forget about the brand name which has durability and after service.

Constantly attempt to stick with branded smartphones.

The unbranded smartphones overview might attract you but after some time-lapse, they might allow you pay more than the price of your mobile.

Online Reviews & Offline Demonstration.

Take or check evaluations prior to purchasing a mobile phone and do not fail to remember to evaluate the quality. [e.g., camera, video high quality]

You can conserve cash by purchasing an Android phone in comparison with iPhone as they have somewhat the same functions in particular categories. So while purchasing a mobile phone, you should have a better look at all the above suggestions. I can wager these will certainly assist you get a mobile phone of your option, requirements and also the usage.

If you wish to include some more factors, then you can recommend with remark section revealed below. And do not fail to remember to LIKE, SHARE & sign up for the routine updates.



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