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10 romantic places to visit on your Thailand honeymoon


Thailand is home to several romantic destinations, that is the reason why it attracts a lot of love birds from near and far. This country is filled with beautiful and romantic places to visit like gorgeous beaches, amazing coastlines, world-class facilities, and great hospitality.

We have picked 10 romantic places to visit on your Thailand honeymoon so you can enjoy your time with your partner.

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Phuket is one of the vastly romantic places that are a part of all part Thailand honeymoon packages. Honored with crystal clear coasts and palm-fringed coastline, bringing about a picture-perfect, romantic breakout with plenty of areas to tour in Phuket on honeymoon.

Idle on the cabins or hike along the seaside hand-in-hand with your beau in Phuket, without searching deep into your compartmentè. If you need, you can also take a romantic trip to the treks in Phuket that will lend you absorbing views of the whole city.

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Koh Samui

Devour an unusual honeymoon in one of the greatest exotic honeymoon places in Thailand. Koh Samui is amongst the best exotic spots in Thailand, a destination known for its exhilarating full moon festivities. Some of the largest beach celebrations are held in Koh Samui which survives all night. Enjoy and be happy with your partner on the sands.

Tour the Big Buddha statue and get conferred with gifts. Have pleasure in the amazing Namuang waterfalls. Visit Ang Thong National Marine Park, which is loved by extraordinary marine and wildlife species.

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Bangkok is one of the nicest places in Thailand for mates for a honeymoon in a metropolitan setting filled with amenities. Thanks to the accessible rates and the surplus of options, Bangkok is the 4th most traveled to the city on earth. Romancing while trekking or dining at a wonderful diner, Bangkok gives all one place for the sweethearts arriving for a honeymoon in Thailand.

Spoil your beau with excess shopping. There are a ton of tourist interests you can enjoy, like the shrine of the reclining Buddha, the grand palace, and several Buddhist shrines. Also, eat at some of the planet’s best rooftop diners, which make it among the nicest spots in Thailand for a honeymoon.

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Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is the unusual Thai island that you have constantly wished for. A decade ago, it was Thailand’s best-kept mystery, but now travelers have gradually begun pouring in, begetting oceanfront hotels and luxury palaces.

Although it’s a tiny island, it has all the requisites to create a lovely haven. Milky white sand subsiding into electric blue waters. Survey regional diners that serve incredible food. Dense green forests that direct to beaches.

Being a piece of a national garden, its waters are unbelievably obvious, overflowing with equatorial fishes and colorful corals. Scuba diving around the island is an incredible experience, truth is, it is one of the decent in Thailand.

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Krabi is like a piece of rural Thailand in a modern packet. The countryside terrain is encircled by limestone ridges, bulging from the sea like the sharp backbone of a dragon. The landmass is wrapped in a rug of green, the stride of life pitched to the region.

Just striding outside your hotel on the talc-soft personal coasts would award you with dramatic impressions. It’s civil for travelers to get so satisfied in the cozy inns that they end up sleeping their whole trip.

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Similan Islands

Thailand’s dramatic Similan Islands are set in the Andaman Sea off the shore of Phang Nga Province, the archipelago has some of Thailand’s most special beaches, detailed with fluffy white sand and crystal-blue water.

Trip hand in hand with your affection and area an arrangement of wildlife, comprising birds, lizards, and tiny mammals. Have an aquatic exploration while snorkeling or diving in the apparent ocean, where schools of equatorial fish swim through the waters through exciting rock constructions and coral beds.


The old Siamese capital of Ayutthaya gives a myriad of damages to address: main places to visit encompasses Wat Mahathat, Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, and Bang Pa-In Palace, which is barely a quick drive from the UNESCO-listed notable center.

See as elegant elephants walk among centuries-old streets and harms, relinquishing nothing but particles in their trail.

There’s something nostalgically personal about pacing back in time to evaluate one of Thailand’s most ancient regions.

Ayutthaya Night Market and Ayutthaya Floating Market are favorite places to treat each other to some local blessings, then waste the evening in a swanky inn or a conventional wooden cottage on stilts.

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Udon Thani

Grab a boat ride on the Red Lotus Sea Talay Bua Deang and be fascinated by the cloak of pink lilies that coat the water’s ground. An incredible spot for teams who like to head off from the tried and sampled path, the lake is at its most wonderful between December and March.

Other close-by positions of interest comprise Phu Prabhat Historical Park, Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park, and the Ban Chiang Museum, which showcases prehistoric discoveries from the region.

Isan’s Udon Thani might not be the first sport that appears to mind when thinking of romantic destinations in Thailand, but the region gives surprising thrills for tourists during the cool season.

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Chiang Mai

Adventurous pairs can relinquish exciting outside recreations like zip-lining, hiking, and rafting. Join forest trips, climb waterfalls and meet racial hill societies. There’s a ton of cultures too, with stunning temples like Wat Phra That Doi Suthep and Wat Phra Singh to catch your awareness

Thailand’s so-called ‘Northern Capital’ of Chiang Mai boasts stunning forests, rising cliffs, and several spectacular beliefs. Climb Doi Inthanon to attack Thailand’s tallest juncture jointly and wander at the comprehensive vistas.


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Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of the excellent and decent honeymoon spots in Thailand. With multiple beachfront resorts that give the most romantic environment fitting all kinds of allowance, Hua Hin is a cottage to outstanding golf resorts spread by the sea.

Shop in the night market for several beautiful articles for your adored one. Go to the incredible Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park which is one of the best spots to see in Thailand and notice the unusual sandstone caves. The national park is a pictorial delight with a tucked-away island among the ocean.


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So, where do you want to go from the mesmerizing, fascinating, and romantic places to visit in Thailand for a honeymoon? You can make a pick from the 10 romantic places to visit on your Thailand honeymoon.

Pack your suitcases, schedule your trip to Thailand to romance in the territory of elephants! Make sure to pick out a package that suits your needs for a happy vacation!!



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