10 Must-Try Street Food in Hong Kong


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Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise for its quality restaurants and diverse food culture. It is one of the most famous countries that have delicious street food. Tourists love to try on new foods while sightseeing and shopping. You are sure to boost your energy after trying some traditional eats that taste yummy.

It is a melting point of culture. This country welcomes people from all across the globe. Thousands of people visit the country every year. People find the vibrant and amazing food of Hong Kong very appealing. You can explore the different dishes and make your visit worthwhile.

There is a large variety of culinary options available on the streets of Hong Kong. From local food stalls to international foods, the streets have it all. One of the popular dishes that you must try is dim sum.

As per the Chinese tradition, people love to enjoy their tea or yum cha with little bite-sized dim sums. This dish is available at every tea house. Street Food Hong Kong has many ready-to-eat snacks. You can buy these snacks from vendors or hawkers at food stalls. Some yummy snacks include egg waffles, stinky tofu, fish balls, and egg tarts.

Have a Close Look at the 10 Must-Try Street Food in Hong Kong:

1. Spiral Potato Chips

It is one of the favorite snacks of every potato lover. It is a classic potato snack that impresses people of all age groups. People like to eat one whole potato spiraled and skewered onto a sharp wooden stick. This spiraled potato is deep-fried and served hot. The crunchy snack is well-seasoned.

A wide range of topping options is also available. Some options are pepper, seaweed or chili. It is a common snack that you are sure to bump into on the streets of Hong Kong. Tourists love to go sightseeing with this potato snack in hand. You can visit Mong Kok or Cheung Chau to find several spiral potato chip stalls.

2. Egg Puff

Egg Puff is a popular Hong Kong snack made with an eggy batter. This snack is crispy from the outside. It is available on every street in different varieties. You can find egg puffs in innovative versions. Some popular versions are chocolate flavor, green tea flavor and fruit flavor. Most people like to go around the streets to find the best flavor of egg puffs.

3. Stinky tofu

The locals love stinky tofu more than the tourists. It has a unique acquired taste that is not likable by everyone. Several food carts sell this aromatic treat. It is very easy to find this snack because of its pungent odor.

Despite its disgusting smell, people like to try this different snack. The stinky tofu has a crispy outer layer and is tender inside. People enjoy the snack alongside a sweet and spicy sauce. It has a well-balanced texture and taste.

This makes it a must-try snack. Tourists who like to try new and exciting foods must taste this once in their life.

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4. Bubble tea

Bubble tea is a popular drink across Hong Kong. It has a pearl-like appearance that attracts visitors. The bubble tea consists of tapioca balls that are from Taiwan. It has a chewy texture that complements the milk-based drink. There are many different innovative alternatives available. Some popular options include green tea, chocolate, and oolong. People find the liquid and solid mix very appealing and love to taste them.

5. Roasted chestnut

Chestnuts are a common fruit that is available in winter. Visitors can find it in moving carts and food stalls across the street. The chestnuts get roasted in a big hot wok over some burning charcoal. It is a seasonal treat that both locals and tourists enjoy eating. A bag of hot chestnuts helps in warming up in the chilly weather. There is no need to add any seasoning or sauce on top of the roasted chestnuts. It has lots of nutrition and the raw chestnuts are more beneficial. They are an ideal snack when shopping, sightseeing or taking a stroll in the icy streets.

6. Takoyaki balls

Takoyaki balls are a staple food of Osaka. It has also become a popular street snack in Hong Kong. This yummy snack consists of octopus and cabbage filling that gets grilled in a pan. People enjoy floaty bonito flakes and seaweed. People can also enjoy it with tart sauce. It tastes best when eaten warm.

7. Noodles

There are many cold noodle shops scattered across Hong Kong. Travellers are sure to come across a large fridge with many small bags stored in it. People can select any ingredients and condiments to make their bags of noodles. Some ingredients include sausages, chicken kidney, seaweed, and quail eggs.

They can also select their noodles from a variety of noodle options available. People can also choose to have udon or pasta and make their combinations. There are also many different seasonings available. Some common seasonings are garlic, oyster sauce or soy sauce.

8. Deep-fried pork

Most travellers find the idea of consuming organs quite strange. But there is always a first time trying new things. Adventurous people like to experience a new culture. They must try the deep-fried pig intestines once in a lifetime. This dish has a chewy texture and is well-marinated. The marination gives it a golden-yellow appearance. It is then dipped in sweet sauce and mustard before serving hot. The outer layer is very crispy and has an unforgettable flavor.

9. Curry fish ball

Curry fish ball is a popular street food dish that almost everyone knows about. This renowned snack was first created in the 1950s. The snack is a mixture of fish and cornstarch. They are deep fried until golden crispy and served with delicious curry sauce. The mild taste of the sauce compliments the tasty dish and makes people crave more.

10. Bowl Pudding

Bowl pudding originated in the period of the Qing Dynasty. It is one of the most popular and authentic street snacks available in Hong Kong. It is a mix of long-grain rice and sugar. This dish cooks with the help of steam in porcelain pots. It is available in two variants. The yellow variant has yellow sugar while the white one has white sugar. Both children and adults love this bowl of pudding.

Hong Kong attracts many tourists because of its flavour and culinary spread. There are many exciting foods available for everyone on the streets. People can explore and experience different foods. Tourists like to hop from one stall to another. From noodle shops to dim sum stalls, there are many food stalls available. He claims that you are sure to find the best quality food in the local streets. Street food in Hong Kong has a major tourist attraction.

Every alley, street, or walkway has different varieties of food that can blow your mind away. But while trying on new foods, you must also remain cautious of the procedure. Avoid food that has been sitting for a long time.

Do not consume lukewarm food. You must always opt for fresh food served in a hygienic way. The streets of Hong Kong are vibrant. It has the crowds, the aromas, the sizzling dishes, and the clatter.

You can try foods like seafood, dim sum, roasted meats, stir fries, snacks, and noodles in the streets. There are also a variety of sweets and desserts. Hong Kong offers great street food and is a staple food. Temple Street, Soy Street, Dundas Street, H Fook Street, and Graham Street offer street food. The electric and fun-filled atmosphere makes people visit the country again and again.

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