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According to experts, unless you are getting a grip on SEO, you cannot achieve your desired goal in blogging. Thanks to software engineers who have created a long range of search engine tools. Through these, you can get a lot of useful knowledge for ranking particular websites.

SEO tools are made to mesmerize Google bots. By using a well-developed SEO tool, you can run your website without any hassle and also rank it for a higher position. Google search engine constantly changes its algorithms from time to time.

This is why we need something extra about SEO; Otherwise, your previous SEO strategies will no longer work, and you may lower your rank in Google.

Do not worry! Hereafter much research and personal hypothesis, I have collected 100 well-equipped SEO tools for various search indexes

If you want to understand the advanced strategies of Bing, Yahoo, Google, Yandex, and other search engines for ranking your site, I am sure you are going to do something special below.

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1 Google Search Console: (Check your site speed on different devices)

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool that presents your website to Google. Not only SEO, but Google Search Console is providing many services instead. This tool can pinpoint malware errors of a website, even if the point out crawling error is easy for it.

In addition, you can get a fair idea of ​​the ranking of your site’s keywords and back-linking from others. Google Search Console is the best for SERP ratings, and it also keeps your text files updated for bot scanning.

2 Bing Webmaster Tools: (second search engine)

Bing is the runner-up SEO tool on our list. It also works awk and helps you get your site indexed in Bing. Once Bing starts indexing your article, no one can stop your site from crawling.

Bing Webmaster Tools has a helping hand tool that helps you research ranked keywords. By following Bing Webmaster Tools, you can easily rank your site.

3 Stocking Local Listing Scores: (Set up your business online)

Mojo is good SEO that was launched recently, and it got a lot of popularity because of its functionality.

Moz collects data from various online sources like google, yelp Facebook, etc., and shows how your business looks online? In addition, it suggests some great ways to upgrade your business; People are using Moses and getting significant benefits.

After using Moz you will have proper fixing results for all incomplete listings.

4 Data Studio: (Merging data by Google)

Data Studio is a Google Consulted SEO tool that offers you to merge your data from various Google-related sources; For example (Search Console, Analytics, and Google). Track your data and share it publicly.

This tool is completely safe; You can work in your comfort zone. For an idea, you can try this tool. Now create your dashboard for multiple SEO tasks in Data Studio and enjoy your SEO score.

5 Keyword Tool .io: (search long-tail and related keywords)

Keyword tool.io is one of my favorite SEO tools. As a blogger, long-tail keywords have a huge chance of ranking. When you enter a single keyword in the Keyword Tool, it displays a long series of long-tail keywords.

All its tips are very useful for any blog. All its suggestions also include FAQs. By asking these questions, your site can attract others; And your website can get a lot of traffic.

6 Google analytics: (Measure your ad ROI and track flash)

Word-wise, Analytics looks like you’ve already conceptualized its functions. Additionally, let me tell you that this is the best digital analytical software that provides web analytics services free of cost.

Using this SEO tool, you can track your blog traffic and all views. The entire function of Google Analytics is especially beneficial for AdSense blogs. Most people use Google Analytics to design successful strategies.

7 Ahrefs backlink checker and keyword explorer:

Ahrefs is one of the most famous SEO tools which is doing a great job. It is a paid tool, but still, it offers some free services, such as checking backlinks.

If you want to follow your competitors and know all their strategies, then this tool can help you better.

Using Ahrefs, you can know the domain rating (DR) and URL rating (UR) of particular sites. Moreover, you can find unlimited keywords for your niche.

This will give you multiple suggestions for a single keyword; It will also show you the difficulty number, search volume, CPC, and other information of different keywords.

8 Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations: (a simple way to track a website)

Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations is a plugin that works as an SEO tool. By installing and activating the plugin, you can get to know all your blog ratings significantly.

Google’s algorithms may change the status of the website after updating it, however, you can understand all your score through this plugin.

It always keeps you updated with changes in Google algorithms; In this way, it is now much easier to maintain your strategies by following Google. Often people use this plugin to have additional analytical data for their website. In addition, it shows all the outsourced data that has an impact on your traffic.

9 Google keyword planner: (Know what people want to know)

Google Keyword Explorer is a free SEO tool that gives you highly recommended keywords. Enter a keyword in Google Keyword Explorer and get tons of suggestions about this keyword.

It will give you all related and useful information about keywords, for example, keyword difficulty, search volume monthly basis.

Bloggers use this SEO tool to search for words suggested by Google (which is what most people search for.) This is an important tool for SEO that you will eventually have to try.

10 keyword hero:1 (a useful tool for finding keywords)

Keyword Hero is an amazing SEO tool that is completely related to Google Analytics. It fetches the entire data from the Google Analytics account and calculates the keywords for an organic session.

It can aggregate all missing data for organic keywords; In addition, it provides a lot of math and learning strategies by conversation.

All its calculated data is valuable so that you can go a step further in the right direction. Some of its features are free to use, even though the rest of its functions are commendable and premium.



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