10 Easy Home Cleaning Tips for Tidy Workplace


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One thing that we all have mastered during this pandemic is the ability to work from our homes. Even though the services of the Commercial Cleaning Companies are still available for professional home cleaning, it is important to maintain social distancing and keep the cleaning chores to ourselves.

Here are top home cleaning tips that will help you maintain a tidy workspace. Before we start, let us give you a quick tip: studies have shown that a neat and tidy workspace not only increases productivity but contributes to stable mental health as well.

1.  Declutter your working table from any loose papers

If you have heaps of papers piled up on your working table, then it is time to declutter it. Get rid of the unnecessary loose papers making your workspace appear messy. Only keep the documents you require that too properly pinned in a file.

Take some out to sort out all the papers and throw everything you don’t need.

2.  Get rid of items you don’t need for work

Organized and clutter-free working tables increase creativity and output. If you want to invest in your mental health on a long term basis, clean up your workspace. Any unnecessary items in your workspace can make it appear messy.

Throw away the used coffee mugs, broken pens, food containers, files, and notebooks that you don’t need. Tidy up the place by either throwing away the unnecessary items or by organizing them in the right way.

3.  Sanitize your work-related items and the desk

Working desks and tables especially wooden can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt on their surfaces. People also tend to eat food, have snacks, or coffee on these desks as well, and food particles can easily accumulate on the desk as well.

It is imperative that you clean the dust and dirt on a frequent basis. Keep a nylon cloth and a cleaning liquid aside just to dust off and wipe clean your working table.

Make a routine to dust off your desk before you close off the day. This way next day when you return you will find a neat and clean desk.

4.  Keep your hands clean and sanitized

Hands are the most common source of spreading germs and bacteria around. Make sure you keep a hand sanitizer bottle on your working desk. Before you start working, make a habit of sanitizing your hands. Repeat this each time you take a bathroom break or eat your food.

5.  Keep your gadgets and electronics clean

You would be surprised to find out how many germs and bacteria reside on your cellphone and laptop screens including the mouse and keyboard. It is important that you invest in a good antibacterial cleaning liquid only for your gadgets.

Buy a microfiber cloth and dilute the disinfectant liquid in a spray bottle. Use the two items to regularly clean your gadgets. The use of a paper towel will also remove any greasy fingerprint marks.

6.  Keep a box of hand cleaning wipes on your desk

It is ideal to place a box of cleaning wipes on your desk and the drawers. These are highly useful when there are coffee spills, fallen food items, etc.

Moreover, you can use these wipes to clean your greasy hands after you have eaten a heavy lunch. This way you will avoid staining your working desk with greasy handmarks. At the same time, this practice will prevent the spread of germs.

7.  Avoiding eating on your working desk

When you are overloaded with assignments, it is convenient to simply eat on your working desk while typing on your screen at the same time. This may seem easy but, it is an unhygienic habit for a number of reasons:

  • You may generate unpleasant odors in your workplace
  • Chances of germs spreading on your gadgets will increase
  • You may leave unwanted food stains around
  • You may also be inviting houseflies and cockroaches on your desk

It is wise to reserve a specific place around your working table, away from your gadgets where you can peacefully eat your lunch or have snacks.

8.  Make sure your kitchen is clean as well

To maintain a clean workspace, free of germs, it is essential to clean your kitchen on a daily basis as well. The kitchen is a common source from where bacteria can spread. So while you make a habit to clean your working desk, also develop a routine of cleaning your kitchen.

DO not leave dirty dishes in your sink, empty out your garbage can on a daily basis. Make sure there are no expired food items lingering in your fridge. Properly clean and dry your shelve tops and cabinet doors.

9.  Keep your trash bins nearby

Invest in good quality trash bins around your working desk. Do not throw unwanted papers, used coffee mugs, and food containers on the floor. Keep a bin near you and remember to empty it out daily.

This will ensure good housekeeping as well as a neat workspace.

10.              Keep the place tidy and aesthetic

Remember, a tidy workspace does half the work on an aesthetic level as well. You would be more willing to work on a table that is pretty and clean rather than the one which is messy. Decorate the space with a few plants and motivating framed quotations.

Your chair should also be comfortable and neat. The cleaning protocols you follow for your desk, follow them for your chair as well.

The best practice is to mop your workspace properly at least once a week and use a vacuum cleaner at least once every two weeks. Even more frequently if necessary.

At times, maintaining a clean workspace may require a collaborative effort. Ask your family members and train your pets to remain away from your workspace.




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