10 Best smart home devices 2021


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As a savvy apartment dweller, you know the importance of a smart home. You could save a lot of time and money, as well as make your living space more efficient if you have the right devices. Many people think that purchasing smart home devices is expensive and requires a lot of effort.

In actuality, it’s quite easy to set up your own smart home that immediately starts to benefit your roommates or family members. if you are own flats in Calicut this article you will learn about the most trending home automation devices for apartments.

1. Amazon Echo Spot 



Amazon Echo Spot is a small screen device we can easily place anywhere in your home. It has a built-in speaker and also can connect to speakers. It was developed by Amazon as an advanced version of the normal Amazon Echo.

The device comes with a round disc-like shape and it is equipped with a camera at the top, making it quite an interesting gadget for any home. The product comes with a 2.5 mm audio jack which allows you to attach it to external speakers to have a louder sound system.

This is perhaps one of its best features as many of us tend to buy external speakers for our smart devices; however, the integration of this feature makes it more convenient.

It comes with some new features like the ability to make video calls, something that the previous version of the echo lacked. It also comes with an integrated temperature sensor which means it can sense when you need some heating or cooling in your room; therefore, this makes it more efficient than before.

2. Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance A19 Starter Kit 


Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance A19 Starter Kit is a great choice for anyone wanting to dip their toes into smart lighting. The starter kit is coming with two bulbs, a bridge, and the hardware required to get you started. Once installed, you can control your lights with your smartphone using the Hue app.

The bulbs are controlled individually, so you’ll need multiple kits if you want to control more than one room. Setting up the bridge and bulbs is simple and only takes a few minutes, and once they’re installed and paired, controlling them with your phone is very intuitive.

3. Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat


Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat is one of the best smart devices to control your home temperature. It features a touch interface, mobile connectivity, and compatibility with other smart home products. It has a sleek design that looks good in any type of apartment décor.

Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat is easy to be easily installed. It can be controlled remotely through your smartphone or tablet. There are numerous pre-programmed settings available on it that enable the user to handle the cooling and heating process with ease. You can set various modes for heating or cooling your house by just touching the device itself.

The Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat also allows you to turn on/off individual zones of your HVAC system so that you do not waste energy while you are away from home. It has multiple sensors built in it which detect the presence of people in the room and adjust the temperature instantly.

The Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat also comes with an air filter and humidifier options that help keep your house clean and healthy. So if you’re looking for a smart thermostat that will not only control your home temperature but also keep you informed about its working then Emerson Sensi

4. D-link Router

D link

D-Link has always been a leading name when it comes to networking and connectivity solutions and has created some excellent routers that could easily fit into any kind of budget. It has created different kinds of routers not only for personal use but also for business and commercial purposes. D-Link AC1200 Wireless Wi-Fi Router (DIR-842) is an excellent example for those who are looking for a reliable router at a reasonable price.

5. iDevices Switch 


Homeowners can turn on and off any or all of their lights from anywhere using the iDevices Switch, a smart plug that allows customers to control their lamps and appliances from anywhere. The iDevices Switch uses WiFi to connect to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

The system provides convenience and security for homeowners who want to turn on and off lights in their home when they’re away, or when they’re in bed and just don’t feel like getting up to do it. It also provides flexibility for homeowners who suffer from allergies and other conditions that require dark rooms. The iDevices Switch allows users to set schedules so lights come on at set times.

6. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Logitech Circle 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell. Which works with Alexa is the best smart device for your apartment or home.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a sleek design that blends into your door frame. It’s easy to install. The battery lasts for several months, and the motion detection feature helps reduce false alerts. Meanwhile, the two-way talk feature lets you communicate with someone at your door without opening it.

Ring Smart Home Security Systems are easy to install, too. The motion detection feature gives you peace of mind by notifying you when there’s movement around your house. You can also receive alerts on your phone. If the alarm triggers or uses the mobile app to control the system.

It comes with a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Plus. So you can protect your home without worrying about extra costs.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is another great smart device that works well for apartments or homes thanks to its compact design and long battery life. You can view live videos on your smartphone and talk to visitors using the built-in speaker and microphone. Recordings are stored in the cloud so you can access them anywhere, even if you don’t have cell service or WiFi at home.

7. Switchmate Rocker


The Switchmate Rocker is a smart light switch that replaces your existing light switch or dimmer and allows you to control your lights from anywhere using your smartphone. While it has a few minor flaws, it’s an overall good product with many useful features.

The Switchmate is a nice product for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on smart lighting. Also, we want the security of knowing their lights will always be on and under their control.

8. HiMirror Mini


HiMirror Mini is a new mirror-shaped smart speaker that is a smart assistant for your bathroom. It can help you with reminders, playing music, and more.

HiMirror Mini’s display shows time, weather, date, and more. You can use it to set reminders about your daily schedule or even set alarms.

You can also use the device as a Bluetooth speaker to play music from any device with a Bluetooth connection. The built-in microphone allows you to ask any questions about your schedule or any other issues.

HiMirror Mini features a light sensor that allows the device to automatically change the brightness of the display depending on the amount of light in the room. It also comes with a 4-microphone array that supports far-field voice recognition technology. So that you can control Google Assistant anytime and anywhere using just your voice.

9. Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector 


There are lots of smart water leak detectors available in the market. Most of them are very expensive and some of them are not even worth buying. If you’re looking for a water leak detector that is very accurate, easy to set up. Then the Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector is the right choice for you.

The Lyric’s small size makes it easy to install in even the smallest apartments, while its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities mean that we can access it from anywhere with the Internet.

It also has an easy-to-read display that will notify you once there is a leak or freeze event, which is perfect if you’re traveling or away on business.

The Lyric also has advanced auto mode features. it allows it to monitor your home even when you’re away from home or away from your smartphone. This device will send you notifications immediately through its Home/Away Assist technology, which will help prevent costly water damage from occurring.

10. Logitech Circle 2  

Logitech Circle 2

Logitech Circle 2 is a security camera that requires you to connect to your Wi-Fi. This enables you to watch over your home. Thus we can access these from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet. Logitech Circle 2 comes with a free downloadable app that allows you to view live videos. Also, receive motion alerts and speak through the camera.

It has night vision, so you can keep an eye on your home anytime, even in the dark of night. It also has two-way communication, so you can speak through it.

You can even use it to listen in on conversations. The device is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.


Smart home devices are one of the latest trends in the tech industry today. As technology is developing, it becomes more complex for us. To manage our life because these things need to be properly arranged so that they will not cause any problem. Nowadays, smart home devices are one of the solutions for this issue.

By using these smart home devices, we can easily manage our daily activities especially in managing things at home. We can easily control these things using our smartphones. Whether we are in the house or outside the house 



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