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It’s The Season Of Giving! 10 Go-To Christmas Gifts For Men


The Christmas season is approaching, and it’s time to shop for gifts! If you’re wondering about what to give to your special someone, you have a wide range of things to choose from. If you’ve given him men’s shirts before, there’s no reason you can’t give him another as long as it’s not the same.

Finding a gift for someone you fully know requires a lot of thinking, especially when you know all his things. Have you ever taken a lot of time thinking of a gift that you lost the track of time, and you haven’t thought of any gift? This article will give you an idea of what should you get!


If you need a quick Christmas gift idea, then you should check the list below!

1. Something for relaxation

Is he always tired after work? If he can’t have a daily massage, then you should give him something to relax his aching muscles. Nowadays, you can choose from different home massagers that you can wrap.

Some massagers focus on a specific part of the body such as the neck or back. However, you should give an all-purpose massager so that every part of the body will be ache-free. Aside from the muscle aches brought about by working, a portable massager is also useful for this holiday season.

2. Something for the gadgets

Is he the type of person who has a lot of gadgets? Well, an all-on-one charger is the best gift for him! Nowadays, you can easily find a universal charging stand that can be used for different gadgets.

Having an all-in-one charger will not just give him the covenants of having to charge his gadgets at the same time, but he’ll also avoid the hassle of wasting an entire hour looking for a missing cord.

3. Something to wear

Men’s shirts have always been a staple as a gift for special days. Fortunately, there are timeless pieces you can choose to give to your someone special this Christmas. A button-down shirt with neutral color would be a good choice since it can be used when attending different parties.

For more formal occasions, you give him men’s ties that can be paired with different outfits this Christmas season. If you don’t know what tie to choose, you can try buying a gift set that contains classic men’s ties.

4. Something to subscribe to

Are you looking for a gift that can last for months? You can give him a subscription to something he likes! Some of the popular men’s subscriptions nowadays are beer, online short classes, and coffee sets.

It’s a nice gesture to make sure that he’ll receive a gift of different variations each month. In addition, you can ask the stores to add a note to his package to make it more personalised.

5. Something to use for outdoor travelling

Does he love to travel outdoor like hiking, camping, and fishing? Then you can choose among portable wood-burner, multi-tool in one, and a heavy-duty duffle bag.

The portable wood-burner is used when you want to have a campfire with less smoke. It’s good for outdoor parties like making smores and other barbeques in an open fire. It’s efficient to use, plus you don’t need to worry about the clean-up.

Another option is the multitool. It’s a great gift especially for someone who always has their toolbox on the go. A multitool contains at least 15 different things to use for emergency adjusting and cutting.

Lastly, if he’s been using his duffle bag for years, you can give him another one. Sometimes he just gets too busy that he doesn’t have the time to replace his overused things, especially when it’s not yet broken.

6. Something to use for exercising

The holiday season calls for a lot of dining experience, so it’s better to give him something he can use when he wants to lose his holiday weight. A pair of sneakers and a personalised water bottle are the most popular gifts related to working out.

When it comes to sneakers, you might have an idea what he’ll like. If not, you can take a peek at his current shoes to match the style of your gift. Meanwhile, a double wall insulated water bottle is a great idea so that he won’t have to worry about getting his bag wet from the sweaty drinking bottle.

7. Something used for drinking

Does he have his bar in his house, or does he often have a nightcap? There are lots of things you can give him related to this area.

Glasses would be the first to come up to the list, and you can make it more fun if you have them personalised. Just add some humorous lines, or you can even print his face.

The most popular drink-related gift would be the flask. Nowadays, you can easily spot a store that offers a personalised flask. You can choose the colour of the metal, the leather, and the name engraved on it.

8. Something for cooking

Does he love to cook? Then, unusual kitchen gadgets can be on top of your list! Try looking for heavy-duty aprons that contain a lot of pockets that can help him go around the house without leaving his personal belongings behind.

Another option would be a pizza oven. It’s a good gift especially when he loves making pizzas. With this, he can even host a backyard pizza party with freshly made pizzas.

If not, you can try buying some convenient set of tools for grilling like stainless steel skewers, spatula, and tongs.

9. Something for the ride

If he owns a bike, a motorcycle, or a car, then he will be happy to receive something he can use for it. You can get him a new helmet, seat covers, or other accessories. However, if he doesn’t have a bike, then it might be the gift you’re looking for.

10. Something for the skin

During this time of the year, everyone’s skin can be as dry as possible. Moreover, we may not realise it on our own that’s why sometimes, gifts can be as thoughtful as a reminder. That’s why you can buy him a set of skincare products that fits his needs.

Make sure that, when you’re going to go with skincare as a gift, you know what type of skin he has so that you won’t have to worry if he’s allergic to them.

Now that you have lots of ideas on what Christmas gift are you going to give to your special someone, all you need to do is to make the right choice. Let us know which give you choose by leaving a comment below!


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